10 New BioShock 2 Screenshots

2K Games released another batch of new screenshots for their upcoming sequel ‘BioShock 2’.

We all already know that we will be controlling ‘Big Daddy’ in the sequel and facing off enemies such as the usual ‘Splicers’, other ‘Big Daddy’ and the mysterious ‘Big Sister’, but we did not know that we will be facing ‘Hulk’-like Splicers which are the size of Big Daddy himself. The screenshots shows off some close-ups on some new enemies and as well as old ones.

BioShock 2 is scheduled for release in Feb 9th worldwide (sorry for the old release date before ^^). Also, Amazon is offering an extra $10 credit towards your future game purchase if you pre-order BioShock 2 (this deal also works for FFXII too). There’s also an additional $5 off 360/PS3 preorders and $3 off for the PC. Check out the deal here

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