14 Sexy Lara Croft Oufits

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Bam Bam!

Bam Bam!

We all know Lara Croft is among the sexiest babes you can find in a video game. She has changed a few since she was created, and along all the games she can be found in, we have had the chance of staring at her curves in a wide range of different outfits. Some were sexy and some others not so, we decided to make a ranking of the top 14 sexy Lara outfits.

14: The Classic Outfit


This is the classic outfit and the most well known of them all. The stretch sleeveless tee gives us a good perception of her boobs and the really short shorts reveals her sexy legs. The colors are not really beautiful but as a classical outfit, we couldn’t miss it in this article. I have spent hours no, days playing Tomb Raider and this costume is really deep into my mind. Not the sexiest, but still love it.

13: Brown short gear


Although brown is not the usual sexy colors we’re attracted to, this gear itself fits Lara really well. The brown top reveals reveals some nice cleavage. There are several versions of this outfit and most of them are the default which does not require any unlocking.

12: Blue Wetsuit


The neoprene wetsuit in blue is set as default costume in underwater stages. Nothing better than neoprene to dive in the tombs. The wetsuit reveals much of her legs and the thought of unzipping them even underwater makes it really hot. This is one of the very few gears that she is barefooted. Not that feet are the sexiest part of her, but hey, some folks have a thing about them and this costume is an unique opportunity to stare at a different parts of her anatomy. Ok, ok, I know… you’d prefer another part.

11: Grey/blue Wetsuit


Another neoprene wetsuit, this time in a combination of grey and blue colors making it ideal for diving stages as well. Short sleeves and short legged is among the hot kind of suits Lara has in her wardrobe. I really love the thong like rear part of it. As a good swimsuit she is barefooted again. Is it me or her boobs look bigger in this wetsuit than the previous one? Maybe its the coloring, maybe it’s just me…

10: Goth outfit


If you are into goth babes, this is your outfit. Wearing gothic makeup makes her look dark, attractive and definitely hot. A look we’re not used to seeing– Lara with heavy make-up as she’s wearing here. The top part of the gear is a very fashionable with good cleavage, this outfit fits really well to her. Definitely the dark side is hot and the vampire look makes us wonder if she would evertake a bite at our necks.

9: Jeans


Despite being common everday wear, jeans are always sexy. And they are even sexier if it’s Miss Lara Croft who is wearing them. The black tee is very tight and allows us to stare at her nice pair of boobs. She’s wearing the denim jacket unbuttoned but… with that pair of melons do you think she’d be able to button it up? I think she’d break it but anyways… better unbuttoned, for obvious reasons.

8: Biker


Sex, babes and bikes… can we ask for anything else? This leather biker suit makes her boobs look really nice and shows her curves as they should be shown. With a suit like this who wouldn’t want to have a ride with her. Biker girls are usually sexy and Lara is no exception to this rule. If you were given to choose among a hot babe like Lara and a hot bike, what would be your choice?

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