1500 Tiny Mega Man Screenshots to Make One Huge Mega Man PIC

Someone must really love Mega Man and has a huge amount of talent because it takes a lot of love and a lot of talent to make something as special as this. That talented someone is ‘Jarosh’ who used 1500 tiny screenshots from classic Mega Man games to arrange it into one huge Mega Man on a canvas.

Here is what he said about the awesome Mega Man mosaic on Neogaf:

so let me explain really quick: you all know those mosaic pictures composed of hundreds or thousands of little pictures. well this is one made out of ~1’500 mega man screenshots. they’re not completely random, however, they’re taken from playthroughs of mega man 1 – 6 (one screenshot taken every x seconds). every stage is in there, from every classic nes mega man game.

the idea was to have one screenshot for every pixel of the mega man sprite and then have the sprite surrounded by the remaining screenshots.

now, in theory there shouldn’t be any duplicates, i took just the right amount of screenshots – however, what you see here is actually a composite of several different mosaics and there’s been a LOT of manual editing too, a lot of photoshop work etc. it’s possible that several of the tiles show up twice or even three times. but the majority of the tiles are unique, even the ones that look very similar. took me several weeks to finish the whole thing.

I want one so very bad..forget hanging artsy paintings on my walls, I want to hang one of these around my apartment (then again I be staring at it non-stop).

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One Response to “1500 Tiny Mega Man Screenshots to Make One Huge Mega Man PIC”
  1. Josh says:

    this… is so fucking awesome