50 Sexy Video Game Babes You Should Drool For

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Warning! This list does not contain your so called “Sexy Princess Peach, Ms. Pacman or Princess Zelda”. This is not a pedophile list

Please keep in mind, there are tons of games with hot looking female characters, from small role NPCs to hentai games and 1000’s of other games we’ve never played or even heard of. We’re only listing out from some popular games we all have played and you’re probably aware of.

Be sure to check out all the girls pics and feel free to share your comments and thoughts.

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50. Shiki – Samurai ShowdownMore Pics!


Wielding twin kitanas and going toe to toe with other samurais has always been an attraction for me.

49. Reiko Nagase – Ridge RacerMore Pics!


Made RR worth buying just for her introduction scene.

48. Faith – Mirror’s EdgeMore Pics!


Running around and jumping off rooftops while using her fist to do the talking.

47. Julia Chang – TekkenMore Pics!


Fighting to preserve the world’s forests by kicking people’s ass makes her sexy in a global friendly way.

46. Hana and Rain – Fear EffectMore Pics!


Lesbians, how can they possibly be excluded from this list?

45. Helena – Dead or AliveMore Pics!


A world class soprano opera singer turned fighter makes her classy and sexy at the same time.

44. Tina – Dead or AliveMore Pics!


Winner of the G4 Video Game Vixens for overall and dirtiest dancer.

43. Rikku – Final Fantasy – More Pics!


Wearing only her bikini top and mini-skirt to save the world.

42. Asuka Kazama – TekkenMore Pics!


Fighting everybody she sees just for the love of it.

41. Taki – Soul CaliberMore Pics!


Not sure if its me… but I love female ninjas.

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47 Responses to “50 Sexy Video Game Babes You Should Drool For”
  1. strix says:

    Needs moar Zelda.

  2. final fantasy fan says:

    no Lulu from FFX honestly dude thats lame

  3. spffffffffithinknot says:

    No zKerrigan? One would think you did not possess enough overlords.

  4. VendavalEste says:

    Needs less skanks and more Tron Bonne, I personally hate the JigglyGirls pic used for Cortana, but that's because Reiq is a shit artist.

  5. jacky says:

    No Konoko from Oni.

    Rikku and Yuna are kids and don't belong on the list.

  6. Sean Vance says:

    I believe Alyx Vance was 22nd on the list. A fair placement for her as she only appears in HL after HL2 came out. As for my vote… Where in the world is Jade from MK3

  7. Jason Chan says:

    Would have like to see at least one of the rumble roses girls in there too. & maybe one of the sexy beach 3 girls

  8. kaleshnakov says:

    No one from the Metal Gear Series?

    Meryl, Naomi, Fortune? Any of the girls from MGS4 would top half of these.

  9. Shade says:

    Kerrigan and Cate Archer don't even get an honorable mention?

  10. Bull Sh.. says:

    Just a popularity contest.

    Tifa is not that hot. And seriously, Ashe beating Ino from Guilty Gear? Stupid list.

  11. A Fanboy says:

    Wait, where's Carmen Sandiego? Where's Alice? Sex appeal can be related to more than bust size, you know.

  12. Alexi says:

    NO JADE FROM BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL!!!!???? she is hottt. and seriously wtf about the cartoons that don't even look real. and why is that robot in fron of Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. this list is whack


    ( . )( . )


    m/(>.<)m/ rock on

  13. Anttrax says:

    What about Elexis Sinclaire from SiN and SiN Episode 1? Crappy shooter games… the sexy cut scenes made level completion fun!

  14. divinepunishment says:

    how about rei from FF3

    and mio and mayu from FF2

  15. Anonymous says:

    Pretty lame list. It's like this guy has never actually played a game in his life and only picked mainstream girls he saw on posters while he wandered around a gamestop like an idiot. Too much Tekken and DoA. Those games shouldn't have even been on the list. That's like saying "HOTTEST GIRLS EVER" and only picking things from playboy.

  16. FRAN says:

    popular = sexy! more horny videogamers are in luv with tifa and samus than any other video game girls and thats a fact! and thats also why theyre in the top 2

  17. christine says:

    definitely agree with the top3, Tifa number 1 for sure! She was always a fav

  18. sexy+-banana says:

    hey i love sexy girls having sex with boys removing their bra and all

  19. Beastie says:

    How are neither of the girls from Darkwatch on here? Both Tala and Cassidy Sharp are insanely sexy.

  20. EmeraldWarHorse says:

    Yeah, Lulu should be in here. I must say, that Tifa is surprisingly very hot but she doesn't wear revealing clothing. At all. What an achievement.

    P.S. Lulu still rules.

  21. Mental says:

    Rainy !

  22. Gameespn says:

    Whooooo! Sexy video game babes! Gameespn has an article with pics of real sexy video game babes.

  23. El Kurto says:


  24. madjesus says:

    wheres Kairi from Kingdom Hearts? she should be on this list!

  25. Ryan says:

    It shouldn't be legal to put artist representations of the girls. Let's see them how they were in the game, that should be the test. That's how we all saw them anyway.

  26. Ub3r Crippl3 says:

    I agree with the Anon from June 12, this list doesn't have a lot of though in it. Too much from the same games. What about Zoey from L4D?

  27. mario mario says:

    where is harley quinn from batman arkham ayslum

  28. Chino says:

    If there is no Kokoro (Dead or Alive) nor Metal Gear babes like Sniper Wolf, Naomi Hunter, Meryl Sylverburg… this list doesn't worth it

  29. HSGTfan says:

    Another hot chick from a video game i can think from the top of my head is Jun from Minna no tennis/Hot Shots tennis. shes a badass and sexy semi deformed cartoon chick. and her voice in the north american version turns me on.

  30. zackfender says:

    you shud add Trish from devil may cry..

    she's smokin'!!!

  31. laughingatyou says:

    lol @ all the sad fucks that obsess about this shit. Get a life fellers

    "no Lulu from FFX honestly dude thats lame


    Also no lightning or her sis from FF XIII"

    "Whooooo! Sexy video game babes! Gameespn has an article with pics of real sexy video game babes." – best one, yeah super real dude.

  32. shawtyxbaby says:

    What about Pi from Hack//GU? She's hot as fuckkk ;]<33

  33. whogivesash1t says:

    YOU PEOPLE NEED TO SHUT THE FUCK UP! SERIOUSLY! The guy posted HIS personal opinions and you people keep bitching because the ones you like aint up there??? Honestly, you people need to learn to shut your pie holes and go make your own damn list. (This message only goes to those who are flaming)

  34. rajesh adhikari says:

    i wanna fuck all of them

  35. mihir says:

    rikku yuna and asuka should be far up

  36. mohannad says:

    chloe from uncharted?

  37. checkerknights says:

    Tifa is overrated

  38. guest says:

    Good list. http://hotgirlstoday.blogspot.com/ Hot gaming girls

  39. jackbro says:

    Too bad almost none of these games are for PC… (Starts crying)

  40. ??? says:

    I agree with number one although they should’ve used the advent children clothes. Doesn’t need to be sluty to be sexy

  41. Smiley the fox says:

    No Claire Redfield? No rumble roses girls? NONE OF THE GIRLS FROM METAL GEAR SOLID? WHERE'S BAYONETTA?!?!?!?! I personally think that Mai shouldn't have been outranked by Lara Croft, not to mention the typical " #1: Tifa" choice. Lastly, Aya Brea atleast up to top 20, such an underrated series Parasite Eve is. However, I am satisfied with Samus taking the #2 rank, no question.