5000 console owners surveyed – XBox 360 fails at over 50%

chartIn a survey conducted recently by Game Informer, over the three major consoles, Microsoft came out the worst, by a large margin.

The failure rate for the XBox 360 was 54.2% – which means over 2500 of the readers had experienced the fabled ‘Red Ring of Death’ at some point.  Customer service satisfaction was tabbed at around 35%, so close to 20% of respondents had a negative experience with Microsoft’s customer service.

It gets worse from there though – second fail rates were pegged at somewhere around 41%, which lends credence to the lawsuits filed against Microsoft for unacceptable hardware failure.

It’s interesting to note however, that most respondents claimed that they wouldn’t by another 360 – in fact, over 30% had gone out and bought another one – with only 3.5% or so saying they wouldn’t ever again.
It would be interesting to question how often people play with their systems and align that with the stats – though, it’s highly unlikely that the Xbox would be within tolerable fail rates, even then.

What are your thoughts?  Suffered a red ring?  Has your Wii failed more than your Xbox?  Never had any problems at all?


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2 Responses to “5000 console owners surveyed – XBox 360 fails at over 50%”
  1. Aini says:

    Very cute :-)))),

  2. Tyler says:

    I had an xbox for 2 days and it gave me the rrod, and almost everyone I've known to have a 360 has had more than one due to…well it's junk. don't get me wrong I love the system when it works and it has a bunch of awesome ecslusives but it's so unreliable I'll probably never touch it again, or at least until it's stupid small problems that an experienced company like Microsoft should not be having problems with are dead and gone.