Alice: Madness Returns DLC “Weapons of Madness and Dresses Pack”

EA released costume alternatives downloadable content titled “Weapons of Madness and Dresses Pack” for Alice: Madness Returns.

The costumes also possess different effect for Alice in the game such as increasing weapons damage and stopping enemies from dropping health items. The “Weapons of Madness and Dresses Pack” will cost gamers $1.99 or 160 MS Points. It is available for purchase on Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network.


  • Pepper Grinder — Called the Octo-grinder, this weapon increases ammo limit and provides double the ammo.
  • Hobby Horse — The Knightmare restores gamers’ health with each hit.
  • Teapot Cannon — This weapon increases damage to enemies by 50 percent.
  • Vorpal Blade — This infamous weapon reduces damage from enemies by 50 percent.


  • Flesh Dress — The Fleshmaiden dress causes hysteria at any time.
  • Matt Hatter Dress — The Hattress causes a player to lose teeth instead of health.
  • Chess Dress — The Checkmate deals out double the damage for all weapons.
  • Rabbit Dress — The Late but Lucky Dress imbues a player’s health with the power of Shrinking Violets.
  • Cheshire Dress — The Cheshire Dress disables all Rose Drops from enemies.
  • Caterpillar Dress — The Caterpillar Dress keeps Shrink Sonar active.
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5 Responses to “Alice: Madness Returns DLC “Weapons of Madness and Dresses Pack””
  1. Alex says:

    do u get those dresses from the begining or u must get them throughout the game?

  2. guest says:

    this is a great DLC pack, it makes the game a lot more fun.

  3. Floyd says:

    Please you have to tell me what music is that on the background! So Beautiful!! Pretty please!

  4. Jonathan says:

    how the heck to you gess these wepons and dresses into the normal non collection version of alice madness returns!? cause i have had it with not being ablt to get them and i badly want those dresses and wepons cause i can't take it anymore