Amazing & Sexy Samus Aran Artwork

Metroid series is one of the best gaming franchises that came from Nintendo. When it was first introduced on Nintendo Entertainment System in 1986 it was quite revolutionary because it combined the elements of non-linear gameplay with elements of platform gaming. We’ll have to admit that Metroid series was quite refreshing to its time. As you know, Samus Aran is one of the first leading female characters in videogames and this is one of the reasons why is she so popular among the gamers. That’s right, before Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider series there was Metroid in Samus Aran. Of course, because of the power suit that she wears nobody knew that Samus is actually a female.

Now in 2010, we know almost all about Samus Aran. She was raised as an orphan because her parents were killed during the raid of Space Pirates. Samsus Aran now works as the bounty hunter and devotes her life to justice and fight against the Space Pirates and Metroids. Of course, Samus Aran is huge inspiration to both male and female gamers all over the world. Although many gamers love Samus as a character for her personality traits and powers, many gamers love her because of her looks. Like we said, Samus Aran is one of the first female characters in a gaming franchise and she has wide audience of fans. Since she has so many fans it’s no wonder seeing what can fans make when they are inspired by their favorite female character. Since Samus is the one of the first ladies in videogames it’s no wonder that she has become a sex symbol to all the gamers out there. Therefore, we got some great Samus Aran artwork for all of you Metroid fans, so make sure that you check those pictures bellow.

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    I've seen better, a lot better :/

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    God that sucked! I’m with the guy that posted above me. I’ve seen better

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    Even if I’m late to post my comments. Dudes check out aeris dies. Won’t disappoint!! There’s a lot of video game hentai on there