Another Uncharted 2 Graphics Comparison — Real Life

Uncharted 2 has one of the most magnificent graphic engines to date and even closing in on real life. A comparison of it to real life was made by a NeoGaf user and although its not entirely identical, it does look pretty amazing. Keep in mind Uncharted 2 was not developed to be ‘photo-realistic’ and none-the-less it has done a pretty awesome job.

As you will see from the image below, Naughty Dog took their development quite seriously and has untapped a whole new level for the Playstation 3.


You can clearly pick out which one is real and which is from a video game but this is a huge upgrade from most games and from Uncharted itself. A previous post here demonstrates the comparison of Uncharted vs. Uncharted 2.

Off Topic
The real life comparison reminds of a comparison that was done for Crysis. We all know Crysis is for PC and can never compare to console, but we can all dream of that day to come can’t we?


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13 Responses to “Another Uncharted 2 Graphics Comparison — Real Life”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Crysis looks much better.

  2. FrickenSh says:

    No s*it it looks better than Uncharted, it's a different style, and in order for it to look like that you need to be hooked up to NASA.

    I'm guessing you have an X-Box?

  3. FrickenSh says:

    Oh yeah, Ben Dutka is GAY.

  4. Masterofallz says:

    Go away.

  5. DarkMaster says:

    surely a buy my ps3 came with uncharted which is awesome so can't wait for this

  6. haazza says:


    we dont need a ps4 or xb720. gaming now is real enough now stop complaining!! lol

  7. Inzo says:

    This is stupid these pictures of crysis are always being used for the real live comparison and all PC gamers are saying how much better crysis looks than Uncharted 2 but the fact is than those guys saying that cant afford a PC to run crysis on full and the fact is that those screens are not in game,the fact is I have the game,I have the PC that can run crysis on full(for all settings)and I can tell you now that although Uncharted 2 does not look better than crysis I can't say that crysis looks better than Uncharted 2,there is nothing in crysis that justifies that Uncharted 2 isn't equal to the task!but what really gets to me is that its always crysis being compared to,and yet there is no other PC game that even comes close to what the PS3 has to offer(MGS4,Killzone 2,Uncharted 2,Heavy Rain) and now God of War 3 is already being said to have better graphics than Uncharted 2,in-fact the best graphics ever seen!

  8. WHY THE FUCK ARE THESE PEOPLE COMPARING A CONSOLE TO A PC IT SHOULD BE CONSOLE VS CONSOLE!!! and obviously there isn't a single game on Xbox 360 that can surpass these graphics and there will never be one MUAHAHAHAHAH!!! ???[0_0] ???

  9. afw says:

    Its not a demonstration of the game, its a demonstration of the games engine, which is extremelty powerful. Using price as an excuse is not really adequate because it doesnt say best value it says best graphics. Uncharted 2 is a different style and the graphics are very good, but crysis has a better engine and can cope with a much more realistic and interactive environment. Nowadays computers are good enough to cope with ultra high settings anyway! Consoles can have very good graphics, but computers have much more resources and power available to them, which is why the graphics are better!

  10. ffffff says:

    aw what a shame that the game itself looks like shit when its not a pre rendered cutscene, but ingame gameplay screenshot

    keep believing in santa, sonybros