Awesome Mass Effect 2 Cosplay of Miranda Lawson

While she may not be as hot as the voice actress of the original Miranda Lawson, Yvonne Strahovski, she is still indeed pulling it off with that nice ass. The gallery below displays some of the finest cosplays of Miranda Lawson. The shoot was put together by Dark Stars Photography with Polish model Jessika F as Miranda.

More images can be found here.

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14 Responses to “Awesome Mass Effect 2 Cosplay of Miranda Lawson”
  1. Joe says:

    I'm not seeing it.

  2. The Truth says:

    You know who really does an awesome Miranda Lawson cosplay?


  3. elr0y7 says:

    Superimposed beehive print: -1

    Inaccurate weaponry: -1

    Cool computer animated tech: +1

    Hot chick cosplaying a hot chick: +100

  4. Rick says:

    Do they get points off for using PhotoShop to superimposed that hexagon pattern on the clothing? I bet the same goes for the glowing gauntlet too.

  5. white says:

    the ingame one is better looking. but i would fuck her.

  6. articles says:

    Oh boy! oh boy! I want to marry this woman :) she is beautiful! nice mass effects!

  7. bendablebuddy says:

    Honestly, I think she is hotter than the one in the game.

    The one in the game kinda had a man face from some angles, and this girl has a much more realistic figure, that to me ends up being a bigger turn on.

    PLUS… this is a human not an animated male fantasy.

  8. Johny says:

    i want her just for a single night in my bed.. :p

  9. JLo says:

    She actually looks hotter than Miranda…

  10. Grant says:

    Really like the Omni-tool.

  11. Tykk says:

    Needs more camel toe.

  12. Porn Fapper says:

    She's hot.