Bayonetta Shaping UP, looks awesome so far!


Some very early test footage of Platinum Games’ “balls-to-the-wall”, adrenaline pumping, pants wetting action aptly named “Bayonetta” has blasted its way to the information superhighway, and it has got be said that even as a unpolished prototype video, it looks freakin awesome! The footage depicts the main hero “Bayonetta” kicking the snot out of some generic karate peons, and gives you a good idea of just how the combat system will flow. It can also be said that we are happy to see another hero with a great rackĀ ;)

Bayonetta is hands down without a doubt going to be among the sexiest game releases this year and it should hopefully give us a hardcore and mesmerizing action experience that hopefully will be better than Ninja Blade. Hopefully at the E3 they’ll let us know how it’s coming along.

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