Best Buy Gives Free Games to Prevent PS3 Trade-Ins

ps3-slim-best-buy-memoWith new console releases there’s always a dilemma with consumers returning their old for the new and the PS3 Slim is no exception, especially at Best Buy. The national retailer has set in a new plan to try to cut down on the number of returns on a recent PS3 purchase for the newer PS3 Slim.

An internal memo shows that Best Buy is offering customers who are looking to exchange their recently purchased Playstation 3’s for newly released PS3 Slim with a choice of a free PS3 title and price match in lieu of the new slimmer and larger hard drive console.

Before completing the exchange, Best Buy may offer a choice of a free copy of Infamous, MLB 09 The Show or Killzone 2. The game selection isn’t bad but would you sacrifice the extra hard drive space for a game?

This isn’t an advertised sale so whether your local Best Buy offering the deal may vary, it may be up to the store manager’s discretion. If you’ve purchased a PS3 in the last 30 days, I suggest going back with your receipt and see what type of bargain you can grab. If it was me, I would definitely pick up the Slim over the older model with a free game.

Last but not least, I wonder how Best Buy will be handling the price cut for the Xbox consumers. Any thoughts?


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