Blizzard: No Diablo 3 Release for 2010

Much news and excitement has derived from BlizzCon today but a release for Diablo III next year is not happening. CEO Mike Morhaime has confirmed that the just-revealed World of Warcraft expansion Cataclysm and StarCraft II are the two titles the company expects to hit in 2010.

Not sure about most of you folks but, these World of Warcraft expansions are coming out rather pretty quick and it just keeps coming. Just one year after their release of Lich King, they plan for a second, and in less than another year apart it’ll be out again. This comes in no surprise to me but it still is a huge disappointment.

Its become a trend of Blizzard to announce their games at least 2 years before the actual release date, forcing us to wait in agony. Not sure if this would actually build hype or lost of interest but their games has always hit at full force. With the “Next Gen MMO” and a new IP, I wouldn’t be surprised if Diablo 3 gets pushed back to 2012, but lets keep our fingers crossed and hope for 2011.

If you’ve missed it, Blizzard also revealed the Monk class with a new trailer and gameplay video.

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287 Responses to “Blizzard: No Diablo 3 Release for 2010”
  1. name says:

    so its official.

    diablo 3 is the new duke nukem forever.

    or the new GT5 which ever tickles your fancy.

  2. Mornelithe says:

    That sucks balls, screw WoW, I wanna play Diablo 3!!!!

  3. They announced 2 Games for 2010 … a wow-addon is not a game.

  4. PISSED!!!! says:


  5. jeremyofmany says:

    "…forcing us to wait in agony."

    I had this frame of mind last year as I waited for a headline on Half-Life 2 Episode 3 to appear.

    Eventually, I realized that constantly focusing on the fact that a highly anticipated game was being delayed was a waste of time.

    I prefer to occupy my time with other tasks. I have since almost forgotten about Episode 3. Having said that, when it is finally released I will very much look forward to playing it.

    However, for now, perhaps it would be best to take measures to avoid such agony.



  6. Shawn says:

    2012 seems like a stretch but is probably reasonable. Oh and this is nothing compared to SC II which, will be entering its seventh year of development next year thus making it a much better candidate to be labeled Duke Nukem Forever.

  7. Xanthan says:

    no shocker really, as long as they can keep making money off WoW. They realize that many D3 players will be coming from WoW thus trading one income for another, not really making money but for the initial purchase. Compared to WoW expansions which the initial purchase isn't where they make most profit, keeping players paying the subscription seems more lucrative.

  8. Colin says:

    if the wow expansion comes out before the other games then I am never buying a blizzard product ever again.

  9. NordicNINE says:

    I just cancelled my WoW account.

    I haven't been playing as much lately anyway, but this was the last straw.

    Maybe they should split off the Warcraft IP into it's own company so the main Blizzard can release some new games instead of just new content for WoW.

    Now if I can just convince my friends and guildmates to do the same.

    Think I'll try out LoTRO instead.

    Maybe if enough people quit, they'll quit pumping so much development time & money into one IP.

  10. well, I bet D3 will be release this year then….

  11. Andi WiggN says:

    Please help Blizzard! No wonder. I agree with everybody who claims that Blizzard probably has no incentive for releasing the game while they can't make out an earning model like they do with WOW or even Starcraft (which is the reason for canceling LAN, which is why they're after a cut from Korean Starcraft League earnings and income). Blizzard doesn't see net earnings from pure sales of the game as their main goal anymore. They developed a greedy appetite for leveraged income. So… until they come up with the right model for leveraged income upon the sales of the game- they have no reason to release it, so get ready for more ginormous teasing, that is, unless someone can figure out the right incentive for them so they finally, after 9 years in production, finish it. Help Blizzard!

  12. Chugaboy says:

    Waiting would totally suck. Yes.

    But what REALLY sucks is that when the game comes out, its going to be behind the times with graphics.

    I like the look of the game.. but lets face it, when it gets down to character animations, it's almost past its prime already.

    It's going to lose steam. I can feel it.

    Only thing that will save this franchise and company for me is if they secretly release it 4th quarter this year. Highly unlikely.

    Guh.. F*ck you, Blizzard.

  13. Going North says:

    WoW cataclysm in 2010 isn't surprising, since Blizz already announced that expansions will come on a yearly basis. However, Im not completely disappointed at Blizzard yet, but if they dare release D3 episodically, if Starcraft 2 is an example, D3 will definitely be episodic…Blizzard is officially a cash grabber.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Dude, you are coming out rather pretty quick as a grammar fail.

  15. k-y says:

    Everyone should know by now that when Blizz says a game is coming out in year X, that really means at a minimum, year X+1. I really hope I'm wrong but realistically, we're looking at SC2 in 2011 and D3 after that.

  16. jatt says:


  17. hasi says:

    Wouldnt it be funny if they released d3 right after everyone that plays wow buys the expansion 😛 lol

    thats whats going to happen…

    imo ..

  18. mike says:

    I'm not sure why this is a big issue. Blizzard has a history of taking their time to get games right. While other companies rush their games out to get the money ASAP regardless of quality, Blizzard get's it right before releasing. While Blizzard games still need patches, they are usually far less critical and the games far more playable than others.

    I will continue to buy their games as long as they continue to create quality ones.

  19. Tripp-E says:

    Just give us a Demo of Diablo 3 to play!! There is such Sh*t out on the market these days. All the same stuff and no playability. Whatever game I play I lose interest after like a day, because it's boring, predictable and nothing new. Diablo has been and will hopefully still be a classic game with hours of playability. JUST GIVE ME SOMETHING WHILE I'M WAITING!!

  20. Zantoo says:

    WoW is way better then Diablo 3, I'm glad Blizzard doesn't stop working on it. Buncha cry babies!

  21. Jason says:

    God Wow does not need another god damn expansion.

    Quit thinking about the green Blizzard.

  22. poop says:

    fuck wow i want diablo 3 now!!!

  23. poop says:

    fuck fuck fuck fuck

  24. poop says:

    wtf why do i have this stupid image ??? fuck that kid

  25. Vince says:

    By the time the game gets released I just may be to old to play it.. maybe have a wife and kids by then and planning retirement 😛

  26. bob says:

    fuck………. come on 2011 -_-'

  27. Abscess says:

    They had to push the date back so they could add the new DRM.

  28. OP says:

    Atleast they won't be releasing unfinshed game like too many other companies seems to be doing.. let's hope for the best that Diablo 3 sees daylight someday.

  29. Jwa says:

    this is just plain stupid, starcraft2 is for 2009, cataclysm and D3 is 2010.

  30. skz says:

    fuckin bullshit dude!!

  31. Dan says:

    wow. guarantee it's because they want the new WoW release to sell..

  32. sdfasdf says:


  33. Michael says:

    @ Pissed!!!!

    I'm not sure if you have Tourette Syndrome or just need to drink less coffee. Even the keys on your keyboard are feeling a little violated after that tirade, lol.

    By any rate, puff puff pass and mellow bro :-) D3 will happen when the powers that be deem it worthy of a release. Hopefully sooner than later though.

  34. Michael says:

    So it could still be an 09 release, or have they already said no 09 either?

  35. The D1-3 maniac says:

    Hey everyone.

    As they "say" D3 will be released in 2011 but really, i consider that epic failure from Blizzard, i've been waiting for over 5 years now since i heard there would be a third diablo, when i read this article i cried like a little baby, and if this article is based on hard facts and is true. im gonna commit suicide, cuz i cant wait much longer, and 1,5 more years to wait? nah, then i wont even bother thinking about it anymore….!

  36. Tripp-E says:

    Hmmmmm….wait a minute…they announced two games for 2010! So maybe Diablo 3 is secretly set to be released 2009!! It's all a ruse!

  37. Old fart says:

    I just turned 50 and I am hopeless at video games. However, I have played Diablo in all it's variants over the years and have always enjoyed it. Even I can chug red stufff and keep hitting something until it's done.

    My question is why a company with such a devoted customer base, string them along for ages and ages…on a sure thing? They could release something now and add an expansion set later like LOD. Trying to hype something for years just gets tiresome to the point of when it finally comes out it is not greeted with shouts of "hooray" but "about freaking time!"

    I'll still buy it when it comes out, even if I have to upgrade my computer to play it. Just hope I'm still here, I may grow older but I don't grow up.

  38. gueswhat says:

    the guyz that made D1 and D2 knew what they had to do, now here we have these new so called "smart guyz" who tought they could do better and faster but they dont even have any idea where they want to get with D3 or if they do, well they are pretty slow on it.I firs heard about D3 around 2007, so that means they allready made something by that time, in 2008 we were bombarded with trailers and gameplays barb, wdoctor and wiz, 2009 we got the monk PLEASE 1 char in a whole year?it would have been a great game for this year, by the time they will release D3 there will be other rpg out maybe better… AND THEY SHOULD STOP DEVELOPING NEW FAG WOW EXPANSIONS I GOT BORED AT TBC ALLREADY…who knows what they are up to, Blizzard aint what it used to be imo

  39. dirty says:

    Honestly guys, Aion is out now. Perhaps it will prove to be the game we need. LIke we moved from EQ to wow. IF Aion has what it takes and have what we want. Perhaps moving to aion is the best option. Unfortunately the other game in my thought of being good, GW2 (first true free mmo by NCSOFT) will not be out for a bit. But most likely around late 2010. For now we have to deal with what we have or go to Aion or LOTR(forgot this one but heard it was not bad…really think AION is better). Yes Blizzard sickens me.

  40. LBK_1975 says:

    Blizzard/Activision doesn't care about the fans (or their money obviously).

    join the boycott petitions and then buy a companies game that's worth playing (it's so sad to see Blizzard fall….)

  41. bobby212 says:

    Yeh I have always been thinking of a oct-nov 2012 release date, around christmas, or oct-nov 2011, 2012 is more likely. They are so damn slow at making games and are only focused on WOW (which is the crappest game on earth i got no idea how it's so popular) wouldn't be surprised if 3 more wow expansions come out before diablo 3. By 2012 it will be far outdated and blizzard will screw themself. I just want to play the game and watch blizzard go up in smoke. And I doubt they will run out of funds, your talking about the richest gaming company in the world, or maybe EA does EA have more cash? I dunno, anyway one of the richest, top 3.

  42. Guiness says:

    The game will come out when it comes out. Find another hobby while you wait. Big companies like Blizzard don't give a fuck about the players. They just want money. While that bullshit, piece a crap game, um can't think of it's name, something like WoW (fuck I hate that game) is still making money for Blizzard, they'll keep releasing expansions, while the gamers that know what real games are, wait, and wait for a single release. We don't even want four million expansions. We just want the base game. Is that so hard Blizzard? You money-hungry suckers-of-satin's-cock(yes, I just quoted the late Bill Hicks, so what, wanna fight about it? (ok, so I quoted family guy too, shit happens)). Anyway, my point here is not to swear at Blizzard, as fun as it was. My point… Actually there is no point. As for the guy that said it's sad to see blizzard fall (LBK_1975), it's only sad for them. If they want to fuck around with crap like WoW and leave the real gamers, like us, hanging, them fuck 'em. One less shitty, money-sniffing, government-approved rock band singing about how dugs are bad. I bet these 'bands' have never even tried a drug, but they'll drink themselves stupid, not knowing that alcohol is actually more dangerous to ingest than it is to take heroine. Granted heroine is far more addictive, but that means fuck-all. I'm not promoting heroine at all, and I'd never take it myself. Just pointing out that alcohol is fucking bad for you. The government can't make money from drugs. They are too easy to produce, so they ban them. Alcohol is highly taxed, because they know people will still drink it anyway.

    Wait, that's not why I came to this forum. What are we complaining about?

    Oh yes, scientology. What the fuck?

    L. Ron Hubbard is such a douche. All the scientolgist are retards. "Let's follow a 'religion' because it makes sense to me." Sheep! All of you are fucking sheep.

    On second thought, everyone that follows a religion are sheep. They believe blindly without any confirmation. "Faith," they say. What fucking faith? It's a fucking lie. How many times have you prayed and been disappointed? Once? Twice? Or is it more like EVERYTIME!?

    Why do good people suffer at the hands of the wicked, while your god sits back and does nothing? Your god is supposed to be powerful and all-knowing. Why then does he let babies die? Are babies bad? Did they do something to piss him off? Have they 'sinned?'

    But your god will let murders and rapist walk the streets.

    Imagine a world with no religion…(And I'm going to use a modern example here)…the twin towers would still exist. All the people that died on that day would still be alive.

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what grinds my gears.


  43. sparkles says:

    everyone stop ur subscription to blizzard, whatever game ur playin, and they will be forced to release something. lulz.

  44. Steve says:

    Honestly I dont mind, the reason blizzards games are so good is because they take the time they need to work out all the kinks and bugs, till the game has 15 million people addicted to it. And whoever said blizzard will go bankrupt, i dont see it happenning. Wows gotten blizzard plenty of cash, if like 10 million people are giving them 15 dollars a month or something, plus the price of the base game and all the expansions…blizzards set

  45. Mephisto says:

    I just hope they release overpowered summons. And epic throwing potions

  46. Robert says:

    Screw that! Why even tell us about a game that isn't coming out for years to come after it was first announced. The end of 2010 and maybe even 2011…. Blizzard you fail in every aspect! Keep to your damn self next time till you're ready!! Bastards

  47. John Smith says:

    If blizzard wait too long to release this, it will become out of date. Simple as that. And i will be drawn to another RPG game on the shelf which is better for the time. And the same is said for everybody else (including diablo 2 fans) Blizzard you really need to get a better marketing team, because from experience i can tell you that if you wait too long, then people will stop caring.

    Blizzard haven't failed, i understand games take a lot of time in development to get right, but if you don't put in an accelerated effort, this game will flop. Release it end of 2010 and you'll be rolling in the money

  48. Ismail says:

    they make so much money off WOW that they will squeez asmuch as possible from the game. D# will come out with the hype from WOW and SC2 is down, then BAM!!! your hit with another EPIC game from blizzard

  49. Adam says:

    FUCK you blizzard, you money-hungry pieces of shit

  50. Jess says:

    I want D3… T_T