Blizzard’s Secret “Invite A Friend” to StarCraft 2 Beta

Reports are showing up that Blizzard is allowing players in ‘Starcraft II Beta’ to invite a friend into ‘Starcraft II Beta’. The chosen ‘Starcraft II Beta’ players will be sent an email with the power to invite one of their friend into ‘Starcraft II Beta’.

Here is an image of the email of what you suppose to receive from Blizzard:

No word yet whether this is given out to everybody in Beta or just a selected few. However, VG247 reported that Producer Dustin Browder said the Beta needs to have at about 10,000 players to have the match-making system work swimmingly.

“If we get much higher than that we’ll just leave it, and if we see concurrency fall off we’ll add more keys until we get back to those numbers”

Now is the time to actually suck up to those few friends that has the power to let you into Blizzard’s ‘Starcraft II’, but on the other hand, nobody should have this kind of power…


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18 Responses to “Blizzard’s Secret “Invite A Friend” to StarCraft 2 Beta”
  1. n0m3rcY says:

    JIZZED! xD

    someone wanna really make me happy? =)

    pls invite me to the beta!

    THX! =)


  2. wolfery says:

    Great sc1 player here..will help you improve your sc2 game vastly..1v1 or 2v2..just need a key.

  3. Sinnobite says:

    Nicee! if anybody can share an invite, I'd be very greatful! Thanks!

  4. Azix220 says:

    wouldn't mind an invite!

  5. Tom says:

    If anyone would like to share an invite flick us an email here

  6. Tyler says:

    Hello fello Starcraft II fans.

    I have been looking for an invite to this beta forever. I have been waiting since Starcraft: Brood War for this game. Unfortunately, I have been unlucky with Blizzard's random invite system and have never gotten an opportunity to test a blizzard game, even though I own all of them.

    I would be greatly in debt to anyone who can send me a key. I would be willing to pair up and play some 2v2s if you so desire, or just to add another friend to talk to on

    I hope that one of you will consider sending me an invite.

    Thanks a ton, Tyler

  7. mightymuh says:

    Hey guys… I would be very thankful for a SCII Beta key aswell. I've been playing Starcraft and Broodwar for about 5 years and cant wait for the release.

    So if anyone is willing to give away a key let me know:

    thanks guys

  8. Elsingao says:

    Please:) for the love of god! can someone send me and invitation to the beta? I will be very thankful, thanks.

  9. ryguy says:

    I just got a beta key, how would do i invite?

  10. Ghanaka says:

    Hello; I am a HUGE starcraft fan, and if you have an extra key for a friend invite, could you send it to me please? Thank you, and my email is

  11. SHOCKED! says:

    if there still a chance for me to get in this i would LOVE to! my laptop spec are definitely fit for this. as a matter of fact, my laptop is more than needed. BIG SC fan! please invite me! xD if it aint soo late…

  12. Get a beta key at ga says:

    Dudes, preorder a starcraft 2 on gamestop to get a beta key. JEEZ!

  13. Flesh says:

    Please please please! My situation is desperate! I love and I'm a Fan Blizz the start of the SC1 but what is not got the key: (Search everywhere for everyone writes! Nobody wants to have mercy! To send key to email ..: / with my whole heart Please help need not be a new key after all is also a friend invite! my email

  14. Eddy says:

    Please, I beg you, PLEASE! just spare me ONE key…PLEASE!!

    I have been watching over a 100 videos on youtube about StarCraft II, I LOVE it


  15. NEED SC2 KEY says:

    Gimme a key! I will aprecciate it!!! THANKS!!!

  16. sc2 key....please... says:

    Please, I beg you, PLEASE! just spare me ONE key…PLEASE!!

    I have been watching over a 100 videos on youtube about StarCraft II, I LOVE it


  17. Anthony says:

    Hey if there is a friend out there that wants a friend to play im not a PRO person but would love to play some One on one or 2v2 with you or idk whats in the beta but please cause someone out there that has a heart pass me a key) Iv preordered StarCraft 2 but gamestop stopped giving out keys 2 hours after i preordered so i lost the chance yet again so please someone pass me a key ""