Bloody Roar 5 Twitter Announcements Is a Hoax

Sorry folks. It seems like we’ve been trolled.

A faux account masquerading as the Japanese branch of Hudson Soft earlier mentioned the possibility of new Bloody Roar title, slated for 2012. This rather convincing and elaborate prank was later debunked just today, breaking hearts and crushing hopes of expecting fans of the fighting game.

A few days ago, an announcement from Hudson Soft’s twitter announced about the 2012 release of Bloody Roar 5. It would have been for the PS3 and XBox 360. Following the revelation, more twitter reveals were posted including: original cast would be returning to BR5, new costumes, possible new characters, will be rendered in 3D and will return to it’s BR3 roots.

And when everything was going all too well, a new post with a photo from the game was uploaded.

Only that when you clicked it, you got this:

This more six month old twitter fake turned out to be an elaborate scheme to show Konami and Hudson Soft that there was still interest in the franchise. Furthermore, for those who are curious, yes, Hudson Soft does have a real twitter account but it’s been inactive for quite some time now.

For those who fell for it, you’re not alone. There’s a lot of us who feel cheated of what could have been a good game. At least they apologized at the end. But still…

Hopefully, Konami and Hudson Soft will take this as a cue to look back at this series and make a comeback.

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