Capcom Announces new Devil May Cry game

Capcom is quite popular today because it is announcing several new games and one of those new games is new DMC, or Devil May Cry. This is not Devil May Cry 5 because DMC is actually the reboot of the series and with the rebooted Devil May Cry game; we are getting a new rebooted main character as well.

As for the series, Devil May Cry started in 2001 when it was released for PlayStation 2. After the release, Devil May Cry series has a huge popularity and it has moved to other major platforms as well. As for the latest installment, we saw it in 2008 on all major platforms, it was quite a success, and since Capcom is running out of ideas, it has decided to reboot the series. You have to ask yourself, is that a good move? Feel free to look the DMC trailer and see for yourself.

The trailer shows a skinny looking person that seems captured and interrogated in an unknown location. Apparently, this person is having flashbacks and it sees itself fighting against the demons. Yeah, unknown person is fast, agile, and powerful but who is this new person? By the way, he dresses and moves it resembles to Dante a bit, but unlike Dante, this person has short black hair. It seems that this person is amazing fighter just like Dante but why did Capcom decide to put a new character in DMC? Well, you might be shocked, but this person is actually Dante, and he even confirms it at the end of a trailer. For some reason Capcom has decided to change the appearance of the main character and honestly, I do not like Dante’s new look. It’s interesting thing to see that DMC is getting a reboot, but I am sure that fans will miss the old Dante. So far, there is no additional information available about DMC except the trailer so make sure that you check it out bellow.

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4 Responses to “Capcom Announces new Devil May Cry game”
  1. Joker says:

    he looks like the skinny guy from Rock & Rolla

  2. dante says:

    theres so much they can do with the original series! Many questions unanswered such as what happened to Virgil after the dmc3 and during dmc1, or what all of us are wondering, how was Sparda like 2000years ago when we rebelled against his demon brethren…

  3. Yashiro says:

    is because the history of Devil May Cry does not follow a strict chronology, in the case of DMC 5 is a prologue before DMC 3

    so I believe that the chronological order is: 5-3-2-1-4

  4. adam says:

    I used to love Dante (nearly as much as Virgil) but the new one just looks a bit stupid really.

    I'm not sure if they are trying to make him more appeasing to the 'modern image' or something like that, but they should really have thought this through more.

    Plus a game with more Virgil in it would be wonderful 😀