Car Damage Not Included in Gran Turismo PSP

gran tusimo psp ss

Polyphony is being particularly tight-lipped about Gran Turismo 5 and GT PSP. But the United States producers of GT PSP, Chris Hinojosa Miranda and Taku Imasaki, did answer a few fan questions on the Playstation Blog posted yesterday.

Many of the answers were more fluff than stuff, but two were of particular interest.

1) Over 800 cars will be out of the box, with no plans of downloadable content at this time. It is nice to see a developer not try to milk its consumer base through DLC, and the team sees adding DLC to the already huge amount of choices as “tossing water into the ocean.”

2) Gran Turismo PSP will be car damage-free. This is disappointing considering the Gran Turismo series’s attention to detail and realism, but it might be more fitting for the on-the-go PSP experience.

Trailers have shown that Gran Turismo 5 include car damage, but no official word has been given yet. The Playstation Blog promises more information on GT PSP‘s PS3-bound big brother soon.

For now check out the PS3 GT trailer:

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