Codemasters keeps zip-lipped on Warner Bro’s buyout


If the rumors are true, then Codemaster could be the latest trophy mounted on Warner Brothers wall. However, GI.buz says that a Codemaster representative will only say, “Everything is fine here.” Right!
Warner Brothers seems to be in acquisition mode lately. They currently have a $33 million bid on the table for MiCodemasters and were a named as a potential buyer for the drowning publisher, Mideway.

The rumor about Codemaster originated on a VG247 blog, saying, “Warner has completed due diligence on Codemasters and is pursuing a takeover.” But a spokesperson from Codemaster says that they don’t play to the rumor mill stating, “We won’t respond to that story.”

All we know for sure is that Codemasters showed grown during Q4 last year and snapped up close to 70 employees from Swordfish Studios in Birmingham and that if the rumor is true, Warner Brothers has them in their site.

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