Design of Microsoft Retail Stores Leaked!


We knew that Microsoft was going to enter in the retail shops business. We already knew they wanted to open them next to or very close to Apple Stores following the classical market strategy of “let the rivals to search the market for you and then open a store next to them selling the same but cheaper”. We also knew they were running ads where people bought laptops even though Microsoft doesn’t manufacture any laptops… but we didn’t know how the big M shops will look like.

Now a PowerPoint presentation has been leaked to gizmodo and shows all what a MS store should be. The leaked presentation is made by Lippincott , a design and brand strategy consultant hired by Microsoft to help them in the design.

Those stores are taking elements from different brands, but the main elements you can find in the presentation are:

  • There’s going to be a Digital Media Wall–a massive screen–that wraps around the entire store, which you can see in some of the slides
  • Lots of Surface demos
  • Stage areas for Windows 7, Windows Media Center (PCTV), Windows Mobile and netbooks
  • Their take on the Genius Bar is the Answers Bar (or Guru Bar, depending on which slide you look at, showing it’s slightly up in the air, though we prefer Answers Bar since its sounds like slightly less of a Genius Bar ripoff)
  • They’re already planning out huge demos and events around Project Natal and their secret mobile project Pink
  • A fancy Microsoft shopping bag
  • You can pay to have your birthday party at the Microsoft Store

We’ll see if the stores will look like the presentation made by Lippincott this fall when they are supposed to open, but for now you can take a look at a wide range of shots in gizmondo’s site.

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