Detailed Look at Ghostbusters: Overview & 360 vs PS3 Video Comparison

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The gameplay for the two versions is otherwise identical, leaving the Xbox as the obvious choice for any Ghostbusters fan. What makes this whole situation even more puzzling is that the developers of the game, Terminal Reality, were touting themselves as a PS3-centric studio, who wanted to “show off” their PS3 technology. During anĀ interview with VG247 the company’s president said that making the game PS3 exclusive would have freed their hands and allowed them to produce far superior graphics. He essentially implied that the 360 was “holding them back,” making the results of this comparison pretty mind-boggling. You can see a video comparison below.

It’s also a pretty ironic, given that Sony Europe (who own the rights to the franchise) has decided to make the game PS3 exclusive. Fortunately for our friends across the pond, the US versionĀ won’t be region-coded.

Joystiq got a statement that did little to explain the discrepancy away. The spokesperson reported that the PS3 game was rendered at 75% of the resolution of the 360 version, and so directly comparing screenshots didn’t make any sense. He went on to say that they still “managed to squeeze 3 out of 4 textures as full size on the PS3” – apparently an accomplishment because the PS3 has less RAM than the 360. In a vacuum, these comments make sense… but when you look at the championing of the PS3’s tech by the company’s pres, it’s just baffling.

Of course, being a licensed property, Ghostbusters is seeing release on many platforms, so you can always check out the PC or Wii versions as well. The PC version is essentially the same, in terms of graphics and gameplay, as the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions. Of course its exact look and performance will depend on your system and possibly even better. However, the PC version does have one glaring hole: there is no multiplayer whatsoever. Apparently, the resources to complete a multiplayer segment for the PC version just weren’t there, so the whole multiplayer aspect was scrapped.


The Wii version of the game is significantly changed, but in a good way. Rather than a lazy knockoff with last-generation graphics, the game takes on an animated, cartoony look while still keeping the same storyline and dialogue elements that will draw in series fans. In addition, it adds some motion control – you use the Wiimote to aim your proton blaster, and then you have to literally bludgeon the ghosties against the walls by waving the Wiimote in different directions. While the Wii version does lack online play, it sports split-screen co-op, making it a great choice for people who enjoy the more traditional idea of “multiplayer.”

There are also the PS2 and DS versions to consider. To keep this bit short: don’t buy the PS2 version unless it’s the newest console you own, and you’re a real big Ghostbusters fan. It’s basically just the Wii game without the motion control or co-op. Just don’t buy the DS version, period. It’s basically a watered down everything, and isn’t going to give you that cool movie experience like the other versions.

To close it out, your best bet overall is probably the Xbox 360 version, followed by the Wii version. It would be unfair to say that the PS3 version looks or plays bad, but if you have a choice, go with the 360.

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