Devil’s Playground’s Video Game Burlesque Show Is… Exciting


Lots of guys joke about getting turned on by animated chicks in video games. As much as most people are loathe to admit to drooling over pixelated T&A, there’s obviously a market for it. Just take a look at games like DoA Beach Volleyball or Rumble Roses, to name a couple among many. Anyway, this story might make it feel a little bit less lame – how about when you’ve got real, hot girls dressing up as characters from your favorite video games?

The burlesque group Devil’s Playground puts on just such a show, featuring girls in the clothes and makeup of some classic (and not-so classic) video game characters. You’ve got Princess Peach, Zelda, Bloodrayne, and others, all doing things that “suggestive” only begins to describe. I suppose it’s just a variation on cosplaying, but that’s a little bit less creepy than getting all hot and bothered over polygons on a screen, right? Right? And I guess since it’s a burlesque show and not a strip club, it’s gotta be pure class.

This particular show apparently goes on twice a year – once during E3 and then sometime before then. If you want to catch the show first hand you’ll have to be in LA, but if note you can always check out the pics and videos from the event around the web.

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