Duke Nukem Forever will be unveiled today?

As you know, Duke Nukem is the biggest badass character in video games and according to the latest rumors; we might see Duke Nukem on our screens sooner than we think. Last Duke Nukem game was released in 1996 and it was called Duke Nukem 3D. During the years, Duke Nukem fans have been waiting for the sequel that has been delayed for more than 10 years. Upcoming Duke Nukem game is called Duke Nukem Forever, and as you know, 3D Realms has developed it until last year. Since 3D Realms has been shut down, the fate of Duke Nukem Forever remains unknown to its fans. Will we ever see Duke Nukem Forever? Apparently yes, because it seems that Gearbox, the same development team that brought us Borderlands, is taking over the development of Duke Nukem Forever.

Luckily, folks from Gearbox will continue where 3D Realms left off, so we might get new Duke Nukem game sooner than we think. We speculate that we might even get a playable demo this year, but that is just a speculation. In addition, there is a Duke Nukem Forever gameplay video available as well. Video shows all the things that we will be able to do in new Duke Nukem game. There are all sorts of weapons, famous Duke’s comments, and a lot of action followed by great hard rock music. According to the video, game will feature some logical problems as well so Duke Nukem Forever will not be just one mindless first person shooter. In addition, you will be able to hit slot machines and even drive your monster truck with a turbo booster. As you can see, Duke is back, and he is tougher than ever, that is for sure. Gameplay video looks interesting, but I honestly think that game needs a some graphical improvements and polishing because it does not fit the today’s standards but I am positive that Gearbox will do a great job with it.

As for the release date, it remains unknown, but we guessing that something big will happen on PAX today. We are honestly hoping that we will see Duke Nukem forever soon enough and that its development will not take forever.


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