EA Releases Fight Night 4 ‘Rivalries’ DLC & Trailer


EA will be releasing the next DLC titled ‘Rivalries’ for Fight Night Round 4 this coming week. It will be adding three new fighters and two new modes plus with a few tweaks to the gameplay mechanics. The gameplay updates will be free of charge of course, but the new modes and fighters will be charged for a small fee.

Game Play Updates
– Adjusted the locomotion speed at close proximity so that your opponent can no longer trap you with glued feet
– Increased the stamina cost when continually punching
– Increased stamina loss when continually weaving
– Increased stamina loss for users that spam upper body movement
– Can no longer perform a perfect block when spamming the block
– Increased the stamina cost when continually running away from your opponent
– No illegal blows can be thrown by either user when one user is in a stun state
– Increased stamina cost of Haymakers
– Tuned punch accuracy when opponents are moving their head
– Reduced locomotion speed when throwing punch combos

Create Player Updates
– Allow users to duplicate and edit ratings of licensed boxers

Online World Championship Updates
– Improved cheat detection logic

General Updates
– Various Bug fixes

These updates will be available for FREE. Also available for free are over a dozen new Create Boxer accessories including Boots, Trunks, and Gloves.
As mentioned in a previous blog, you can choose to purchase all of the DLC content at the bundled price OR you can choose to purchase each game mode and boxer separately.

‘Rivalries’ full bundle will run a gamer 800 MS points or $9.99 and will feature Evander Holyfield, Bernard Hopkins, and Sonny Liston. There will also be two new modes ‘Old School Rules Mode’ and ‘Ring Rivalry Mode’. This will be available on December 3rd for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.

Check out the trailer after the jump.


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