EA Sport Face NCAA Football Lawsuit


EA Sports cant seem to get a break these days. They are constantly under fire, recently they were in trouble with a number of former NFL players. No it seems they could also come under legal action from NCAA footballers. This is a similar complaint to the recent NFL action, Samuel Keller has recently filed an action suit against Electronic Arts because of their use of athletes from NCAA Football and Basketball without giving them any form of compensation.

This mirrors the NFL case perfectly with Keller claiming that although the players in the game lack names, they are all equipped with the same home states, jersey numbers, skin tone, hair colour, weight and height of their counterparts. Sound the same as the NFL case doesn’t it? That time, the action was successful and resulted in a 28 million dollar pay out.

From the suit
“arises out of the blatant and unlawful use of [NCAA] student likenesses in videogames produced by [EA]… to increase sales and profits.” This, the complaint continues, is abetted with a wink-and-nod assist from the NCAA, which “intentionally circumvents the prohibitions on utilizing student athletes’ names in commercial ventures by allowing gamers to upload entire rosters, which include players’ names and other information, directly into the game in a matter of seconds…”

We plan to monitor this one closely with updates as soon as we get them.

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