EA’s dropping Madden ’09 servers & more

EA has announced they will be removing many servers for their sports title coming just 1 month away on February 2nd, 2010 for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and the PC.

Among one of the titles is Madden 09 which I believe it may be too soon. The closing of ‘09 servers makes it seem as if EA is just eagerly ridding of their $60 games and have it last only a year for online play. I do believe some of the games they’re looking to drop are justified considering sports titles usually do not last more than 2 to 3 years but ’09?

Yes, you can still play in single player mode but there is just only that much comp stomping you can take before moving onto another title. So, I wonder why there’s no private server support? Here’s what EA has to say about the whole server shut down:

All of us at EA would like to thank you for your valued participation in our online gaming community and hope that your enthusiasm for these games extends to our current lineup and beyond.

Quite a disappointment to me, especially towards all the fans and communities that have been developed. The list of servers that will be removed are listed below. What do you guys think?

February 2, 2010 Online Service Shutdown
UEFA Champions League 07 PC and x360
Facebreaker x360 and PS3
Fantasy Football 09 x360 and PS3
Fight Night Round 3 PS2
Madden 08 Wii
Madden 08 PC
Madden 09 Xbox1
Madden 09 Wii and PSP
March Madness 07 x360
NBA 07 PSP, x360
NBA 08 PS2, PSP, Wii
NBA 09 Wii – Europe only
NBA Street (2007) PS3 and x360
NCAA Football 08 PS2
NCAA Football 09 PS2
NASCAR 09 PS3 and x360 – Europe Only
NFL Tour PS3 and x360
NHL 07 PSP and x360
Tiger Woods 07 PC
Madden 09 x360 and PS3
Madden 07 Xbox 360

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5 Responses to “EA’s dropping Madden ’09 servers & more”
  1. C-LOVE says:

    the ea servers are garbage ne way, u kno how many times i get signed outta the ea server in nhl 2010, its stupid, they need to make there servers better who cares about old games shouldnt be playing those ne way, if u can afford ur internet bill then ushould have the new sports title that u like

  2. I wonder how this will affect peoples decision to buy EA sports games in the future and if EA is considering a new server option, so that their legacy games can be enjoyed later down the road. Talk about making sure your game doesn't have legs.

  3. Pato21 says:

    This is what i've been afraid of, when a game loses it's server you can't get the online trophies or achievements for that game anymore so your left with a game you can never beat 100%. I hope other companies don't follow in there foot steps.

  4. Jan Schotsmans says:

    I quite regularly play decade old games I have on my shelve (and in case of Deus Ex, System Shock, Gran Turismo 1 & 2, Final Fantasy 3 to 9, I enjoy them much more then any recent game)

    I will not now or ever buy a game that has any possibility of being deactivated by a publisher or anyone else's wishes in any amount of years.

    And anyone who does put up with it or like spelling champs like C-LOVE say you shouldn't play old games are complete idiots in my book.

    Just look at the clusterfuck of a fiasco Ubisoft has handed us now, with their Assassins Creed 2 DRM.

    Game is 1 day old, DRM gets cracked, game is 1 week old and authentication servers go down leaving the game unplayable.

    As one of the great original US Presidents once said:

    "Those who would give up liberty for any measure of security, deserve neither."

    Its because people put up with it that they keep slamming it down our throats. Everyone together say NO, to EA, to UBI, to all of these corporate assholes that DO NOT MAKE THESE GAMES, only thing they do is implement the DRM and run of with the majority of the cash generated.

    They will take freedom to play your games up to the point where the only way you will be able to play the games is by paying monthly or yearly fees and some extra's if you want to continue playing with the newest version of the game.