Evony Hands-On Review (Formerly Civony)

evony1The last 2 months I’ve been seeing ads of Evony the game all over the web and after seeing it for the thousandth time I couldn’t help but give it a try — hey, who could resist ads with pretty faces all over it? Well, don’t be surprised because it has nothing to do with pretty faces.

Evony is a free to play browser based MMORTS (Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy) game where you can build up your city and army in order to expand your territory and conquer other enemy players or NPCs. You can sign up to Evony here if that has already intrigued you.

The Interface
Evony resembles many other RTS games such as civilization, ages of empire and many others. The learning curve for Evony is very simple due to their quest system which guides new players through their interface. You can easily grasp the concept and the main functions of the game in as little as 1 to 2 hours playtime.

The three main screens of interface is separated into three parts, the world map, the town and the city. In the world map, you’ll find other NPC & player cities, valleys (resource fields) and empty slots where you can conquer to progress further into the game. The city is where you can build farms, sawmills, quarries and iron mines to increase your resource production. The town is where you’ll construct most of your buildings for advancement. Military training and research is also constructed here.


City Building
The game starts you off in a random (usually the newest) server in an empty town with only a Town Hall and your job is to build up the stranded city, army and slowly conquer your way through. Building new facilities, researching, and training troops requires an X amount of time to complete. The lower level the facility, the quicker it will take. The first building you’ll develop is the cottage which takes 1 min and 15 secs, but the second level will require twice as much time and as more levels are acquired, the longer it will take. Some buildings can even take over 12 hours.

Each city in Evony is limited to constructing 1 building at a time. You cannot set a queue to build a second or third building when one is finished. This requires a player to come back and check on the progression very often. Its not about how much time you spend on the game once but how many times you spend on it through out the day. As you acquire more and more cities however, you will have more than enough tasks to spend your whole day playing.

City Management
Other than gathering resources, consistently upgrading buildings you’ll also need to manage your taxes, population and the loyalty of your citizens. You’ll also need to appoint a mayor which we’ll get to shortly. Unlike most RTS games you’ve played, the ideal tax rate for Evony depends on two major factors, idle or actively playing. The population will effect the amount of gold you’ll receive from taxes, production, and how many units you can recruit into your army.

Always having enough resources to continuously construct new buildings may get difficult, thus you’ll need to put good use of the market place. In the market place, you can buy & sell food, lumber, stone and iron. You can even create offers or bids and wait until your price is met. However, there is a small auction fee.


Once you’ve created an inn and a feasting hall you can hire a Hero to lead your army or become a Mayor. Each Hero has 3 stats, politics, attack and intelligence. Politics will decreases your cities construction time and resource production. Higher attack increases your combat and how fast your units will be trained. Intelligence shortens the time required for research and scouting ability.

Your heroes will acquire experience points through combat, mayor duties or through items. There is an hourly fee for maintaining a hero, and the salary will vary depending on their level. You can dismiss and replace heroes at anytime. A hero is also required to lead your troops into combat.

Military & Combat
There are a variety of military units available ranging from infantry, archers, cavalries, mechanical units and transporters. All units has a maintenance cost of X amount of food. Their movement, health, attack and defense can be upgraded with research. Training new units will require taking away civilians from your overall population.

Once you’ve developed your army and have a hero in place, you’ll need to go to the World Map screen to conquer new lands and terroritories. There are 3 basic types of land that can be conquered, valleys, empty lots and cities. Valleys provide additional resources, empty lots are used to build new cities and cities can be plundered and if attacked enough times you can even take it over. However, if you are attacking a player city, and if that is their only city, you will not be able to take it over.

The combat in Evony is calculated through their algorithm, no actual fighting is visible. Its either a win or loss and the results are reported in writing. You lose x amount, they lose x amount and etc. Attack, defense, health and even movement is factored into the calculation.

For example, you’re attacking with warriors, cavalries and archers, the archers will start off in combat because of their range followed by cavalries and then warriors last. In result, if your archers do enough damage, you may win without even going into melee range. Or your cavalries will take more damage than your warriors because they arrived in melee combat first.

The rally point has an exercise option which servers a skirmish for battles and will calculate the results. Your research and hero attributes are not factored but it does give you an idea of what to attack with.


Titles & Ranks
As your city grows, you will gain Prestige points which is basically a rating of how well you are doing. There is an overall ranking that is compared among all other players in your city as well. As you progress, you will be able to acquire new titles and ranks. Some ranks are extremely difficult to acquire, it requires gold and medals (which are very rare to find). The medal drop rates on new servers are about .1% or less. The easiest way is to spend a few dollars and purchase the medals you’ll need. The higher the rank, the more cities you can control, up to a total of 9.

There are many different types of items available in Evony which can help speed your production, moving your city location, experience points and much much more. When you first start, you’re given a TON of items to try out and help enhance your gameplay. Items can also be acquired by quest rewards and using real money.

Alliances are what most MMO players know as guild or clans. By joining with other alliances, you can have friends who can offer assistance through knowledge, resources, raids and much more. Possibly even scaring another player from attacking you if they know you’re in a well rounded alliance. Each alliance can only have a maximum of 100 players and have a ranking of their own.

Final Thoughts
One flaw I currently see in the game is when you first start, there is not much interaction with other players you intend to play with. Your city is picked in a random location, you are given a city teleporter but that is also random. Further on the game you’ll receive an advance city teleporter which then you can move your city near friends if empty lots permit. Last but not least, the medals are TOO difficult to acquire in which you’ll be more or less forced to spend money in order to play aggressively and compete with others.

After a few days of play time, I can say the game is very enjoyable and the fact that I do not need to spend a whole lot of hours on it is very ideal to me. I spend most of my day in front of the computer and alt tabbing to hit build or attack once in a while is a relief from work. If you’re the type that really enjoys civilization type of games but wish it could’ve been with 100 other players then this might work just for you.

Final Conclusion – If you don’t mind forking out some money then this game is definitely worth playing but otherwise, there are many other games that are really free and good. Again, here is the sign up link and enjoy!

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53 Responses to “Evony Hands-On Review (Formerly Civony)”
  1. Kyoss says:

    And whats that got to do with pretty babes?

  2. Bruceongames says:

    Take care with Evony, a lot more about this game can be found here: http://www.bruceongames.com/2009/07/15/more-about

  3. Sven says:

    Evony SUCKS.

    The battles suck.

    The building sucks.

    The farming sucks.

    The only you should play is if you like farming, which I do not.

  4. captbash says:

    Here’s our take on their spam abuse and their new drastic action against their members (after we complained that day) : http://www.mmogrindhouse.com/game-news/bizarre/do

  5. Mason Manson says:

    Evony sucks. The ads make it look like a cyber sex game but its not. You have to pay for game coins (that explains the ads.) There is an Evony ad that is a picture of a clevage and nothing else. It says play secretly now but the game has nothing to do with clevages (which seems to be their method of advertising: big clevage!)

  6. Manuel says:

    I agree with your review.
    I’d say that you need a lot of free time in order to grow up quickly instead of spending money. Unfortunetely, it’s true , you need to pay to get level 10 farms……….or be lucky. I have 50,000 prestige and I can’t promote to major or knight, because I don’t get medals, but I can do everything else knowing that I hardly get level 10.
    Until i need that level,(now I have a lot of 0 , and severals 8, 9,3…) I have a lot of time to reach those limits. Probably I’ll get bored before I need to pay any money.

  7. Jambob says:

    Evony is great u just need spare time. im at 29k prestige rite now and u dont need to pay. one thing left out of this guide is the amulet and daily amulet quest. the amulet allows u too win prizes like resources cents and items so if ur lucky u can gain all the items u need to continue playing amulets cost five game cents. the dailly amulet quest gives u a free amulet evry day at 12:00 pm ( or when the computor clock says 00:00.

  8. Andrea says:


  9. cow says:

    evony does not suck it just u guys all suck because u never take the dam time to play it i got 900k pres and look i dont get farmed and i havent spent a cent on this game it just u guys start out on already developed ser vers or u realy do just suck at teh game

  10. gavin says:

    This is the worst game ever!

    This game is so bad that I am listing a number of reasons why:

    1. Very time consuming.

    2. Very boring.

    3. You have to kiss everyone's ass in the game and not post Fuck, Shit, or anything else that may be offensive to these conservative nerds that are offended by swear words but are not offended by the half naked chicks on the evony ads.

    4. They ask you to spend 30$ USD to buy stuff for the game, but for 30$ you can buy a real game that is actually fun to play.

    5. The game is full of technical glitches, and when you complain about bugs, etc… in the game you get no response.

    All in all this game sucks balls!!!!

  11. Pete says:

    I played this game for a month, found it boring and slow! As well, you end up finding that you have to spend money to bring up everything. It is not a great game, and the over-saturation of their ads is annoying.

  12. Ganry40 says:

    USD for the one with the swing out table. ,

  13. Chris says:

    This is not a game it is mental torture. You have been warned

  14. fuck off says:


  15. fuck off says:

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  16. Lee says:

    I am a student studying computer games design at uni and decided to investigate Evony.com.

    Just to see what some of these games are like etc. etc.

    The game is actually kind of cool (found myself addicted and even spent a little money on it).

    But I started to notice HUGE bandwidth use by the site as I played.

    I am not the only one either, there are comments on the evony forums about this.

    This is odd because all of the client info, the animations etc. are all downloaded in one big download at the start.

    There is no streaming media so I began to wonder what was going on.

    To cut a long story short I decided to break the law and reverse engineer Evony’s client.

    Not to cheat. Not to rip them off or even to use even a scrap of the code.

    But just to poke about a bit and find out what was going on, maybe even offer them some ways to improve things.

    Aside from the fact that the whole thing is very poorly constructed (it is really very beginner coder level stuff. Reminds me of a lot of

    what the first year students produce for assignments) it contained some very interesting information.

    Included with the client are 2 peices of tracking software that monitor your web use and which applications you have open while the client is running.

    These do not install independently on the machine though due to the limitations of flash and do not actually damage anything.

    But they harvest massive volumes of information. My firewall was blocking a lot of outgoing transmissions and it turns out that these

    were the data trying to be sent out. So they know nothing about me. lol.

    However there is a LOT of data coming IN over the ports the client uses. In otherwords it is downloading something into my cache for use later.

    I have bandiwdth restriction which slows these types of tricks down and I completely clear my cache every couple of hours if I am heavily using the net.

    I also noticed that all the varanbles etc. are named Civony still and that there are multiple references to UMGE.

    Even a couple of folders are simply called UMGE, one of these folders contains one of the spyware programs.

    So I can only guess at where the data would end up if I didnt have a good firewall.

    There are also commented out sections in the code which contain references to UMGE and Lam himself, though low on details.

    Thank you for reading this.


  17. S. Chuckwood says:

    As I read your titillating comments, and as I type my own, there is an ad for Evony just below this comments box… and there are NO cleavages!! That's what makes this whole godforsaken piece of crap so hard to live with… sometimes it's cleavage, sometimes it's an ugly blond chick with cleavage, sometimes it's 2 blondes that are sort of hot, then this particular add that shows a godforsaken cheap-looking fort and no cleavage. People, there is a thing called REALITY and in this place, there are REAL chicks you can do stuff with instead of fantasizing… and WTF is up with farming?? Are you serious? Instead of being with a real chick, you're paying to farm in a goddamned video game? Jeezus…

  18. S. Chuckwood says:

    …I'm not done… I feel like I should be on a radio talk show or something… it's lame you guys, it's sooo soo sooooo lame… get out of your houses and basements, put on some clean clothes and take a shower… and get out there and I don't know… go to a bar if you're old enough… by a chick a drink… stop with the pay-to-farm bullshit… ''Be a lord! Conquer your world!'', that means ''Don't be fooled by this shit, get a life and stop paying for this crap!'' I'm serious!

  19. giovannies says:

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    pps: anyone else reading this, I apologize for the blatant R rated comments here… I hope I didn't offend anyone else than giovannies… but you know, when you disrespect someone's mother…

  22. giovannies says:

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  23. Passerby says:

    Evony SUCKS to the ass!!!

    Look at the ADs, WHAT SHIT! Half-naked chicks EVERYWHERE to CONTAMINATE minds to advertise their game! "PLAY SECERETLY", "MY LORD" – As if what you ARE TO DO is to play the DAMN EVONY in work and school, just encouraging you to RUIN your life, which is a GREAT ANTI-CIVILISATION thing!

    Look at the game, it places you randomly with strong and weak players with the strong one pressing you down

    Look at the price, "EVONY, FREE FROEVER". BULLSHIT! The game coins are SOSOSOSO expensive and they make it into CENTS to SOUND BETTER which CANNOT DO MUCH! SCAMMERS!


  24. Ballsack says:

    you're all a bunch of cunts

  25. Razgriz says:



  26. Logic Bomb says:

    Months ago my best friend first got me to sign up for Evony so that me and him could play the game together. I told him for the longest time I resist clicking on the ads, I was afraid of getting spyware, but he managed to talk to me into signing up. After signing up and downloading the client for the first time, I looked over the interfaces. At first, it did not seem bad as building went by pretty quickly. It also reminded me of OGame in a way, making me like it more. However, when I started to really get more into the game, getting past the newbie guide missions and getting out of protection I started to see the bigger picture, so to say. At that point, it was nothing like OGame, which was enjoyable for me, and became a frustration.

    I think one of my biggest concern for the game is how unbalanced it is and remains in that state.

    Players with high mines can produce an astronomical amount of resources in a short period of time. Something that I never even noticed the fast universe of OGame. The combat system is severely botched. It has to be when I create a large amount of all sorts of soldiers and defenses and they get wiped out instantly by an army of archers. That is when the game became un-enjoyable, especially for a player like me who only got on for 15 to 20 minutes a day.

    The players who got a big boost at the beginning seem to never let up. They only get stronger as they drain the newbies of their resources. Perhaps it would have been wise if they implemented a system where you cannot attack someone so many levels below you? I even suggested that in the Evony forums and got shot down for it by the very same people who are on the first page of the ranks.

    Like someone mentioned, the only way you could survive in that game is by kissing ass rather than making friends. No one actually seemed helpful towards me or sympathetic. The staff did not concern themselves with the players as well, unless they told the truth about the horrible game. Then they made sure to silent you. There was no respect from the staff or Evony community.

    Worst online game I have ever played.

  27. suckshit says:

    this sucks sshit the ads and women. it is a take off from age of empires.

    this is a fucked shit

  28. rob says:

    This is NOT a free game. if you plan on going into this as though it is a free game, you’re just another sucker taking a hook. They tout the game as free, but many players pay real world cash to basically over power the free players right off the bat. If your looking for a good “Free Game”, don’t spend your time here.

    And if you have a gambling problem, don’t spend your time here. It’s got some similar hooks to gambling in ways to get you to buy “Coin’s” so that you can get cooler get powerful faster. Let me put it this way, to be competative, after a month of playing, expect to spend roughly $200.00. That is if you start on a brand new server.

  29. Dallas says:

    Had been playing for about 3 months with about 500 US. tied up into the game. Had no problems with it until one day the game locked up on me. I couldn't get back in. Gave up until the next day and tried signing in. Sure enough after going through my mail I found my password was changed. Kinda funny seeing nobody had my login info. Proceeded to sign in and found everything gone. Both my cities were degraded to nothing. Had almost one completely upgraded city. Nevermind that, all my items were erased. Items I had purchased. Included in that, I don't receive my autocents either. Totally unimpressed after sending many bug-mails, mails and whatnot to them, haven't gotten one response from them at all. Nothing. Well they got my money, now they don't give a damn. Great business…

  30. game fag says:

    im a game fag. i think it is important to let you know that this game does not suck. i have 2000000000 prestige. i like farming, and my soldiers spoon themselves

  31. Chuckwood says:

    …jeezus… I can't believe my eyes… you know what, there's gotta be some way to get you all to some therapy especially you game fag. That's some really awesome shit you wrote there. Go to Chapters or whatever bookstore, go to the self help section, and shoot yourself with a high caliber pistol.

  32. Hi, I am a lord from Server 134 on Evony, KB(KobeBryant). I've been playing the game for around, ah, one and a half months now. I have now figured out how to play, and give some *decent* advice on how to play, and let me also say that Evony has done a SPECTACULAR GAME. I saw so many ads of it and said what the heck

    I'll give it a try. It is a AMAZING GAME. Heres how you play:


    When you begin the game, you will want to start getting an army together, some walls, and get your basic buildings. The first thing you realize is that you cannot be attacked for your first 7 days of Evony. Thankfully, this allows you to start building your basic things you will need for the game (cottages, barracks, academy, resource collectors, army, etc.). You MUST use this time wisely. If you don't, you may end up being attacked hard and sent back to the Stone Age(obliterated). First things first, start by building a few cottages and some resource fields. Preferably, I made 2 lvl. 1 cottages and made the rest of the resources used on creating some Resource Fields. You want to do this so you have some labor force for your resource production, and so you also have resources being created at a steady rate.

    After this, you will want to start finishing the quests. Simply click on the scroll in the bottom left-hand corner to see which quest you would like to do. Start with some basics, like building cottages, etc. Now, we are going to start creating our military and defenses. First, we will want to start our wall building. For walls, you need the following requirements met, so you will do those now, if you haven't already. Remember: we are just trying to get ready for attacks since Beginner's Protection only lasts 7 days, and there will most likely be higher prestige players nearby you, waiting to destroy your city [}:). For level 1 walls, you will need to fulfill the following requirements: Quarry L.2, Workshop L.1, 3000 food, 1500 lumber, 10000 stone, and 500 iron. You will earn all those resources back, plus 500 lumber and 1500 iron, by completing the walls and receiving the reward from the "fortification" quest. Build some traps for now.

    Now, we need to talk army. This is possibly the MOST IMPORTANT WAY OF SURVIVING IN EVONY. The reason is, you get your resources from attacking NPC's and other players. To start up your army, build a couple of barracks for now. MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE SPACE FOR 5 MORE BARRACKS. This is needed, although not now, because once you want to build an army, you will want a lot of archers. If you have maybe 1-2 barracks, you will get 2 ARCHERS EVERY 2 MINUTES. Not enough, eh? We'll talk about this issue later in the guide. Build workers and warriors for now, maybe 100-250 of each.

    Now we want to make all the one-per-city buildings (workshop, forge, stable, relief station, academy, etc.). You will recieve quest awards for these after building one to level 1.Build academy first. This will be the way you get boosts permanently aftr researching. Build the rest in an order of your choice.

    Your beginners protection, depending on how frequently you logged in over the last few days, may be over already (!!!!) or have 3-4days left (approx. what you want). Now we want to upgrade our town hall, build a basic army (archers and warriors, mostly and just a few!) and get some low-leveled lakes and hills. Once your beginners protection is over, you will need all the resources you can get and FAST so you can build an army and military as well as getting research done.

    Over the next 1-2 weeks, you will have 8 barracks or so, and good research levels on the possible research projects in your academy (around level 5-6 for most except privateering). Now you will be like, DANG I NEED MORE RESOURCES. No worries! This need can be fulfilled through the famous art of NPC RAIDING (does this ring a bell?). Yes, NPC raiding is the most formidable approach to keeping your army alive through food gain, as well as the other resources it gives (not much, but helps!). If you want to raid an NPC, you will need a decent army. You will want to begin with level 2 or 3 NPC. Oh, and if you want nearby NPC, just conquer a flat with the level npc you want there, build a city, and abandon the city. You will have the flat's level NPC now there. For raiding NPC, you begin at low levels and slowly progress higher. The main level you will want to raid is level 5 NPC. This is because they have the best resources/army size rate. However, if your army just reaps them then you may progress to higher levels.

    Another strategy most use to raid NPC is BALLISTAE PARTY. This strategy requires quite a few ballistae (600 for lvl 5, around 10 for lvl 1, etc.). The most recent table I have found is this

    20 Ballistas vs Lvl1 NPC

    50 Ballistas vs Lvl2 NPC

    170 Ballistas vs Lvl3 NPC

    250 Ballistas vs Lvl4 NPC

    550 Ballistas vs Lvl5 NPC

    I like to use a few more or less, depending on my army size. Better to be safe then sorry!

    Now you may want to progress to doing more things, such as attacking other players for resources. If you would like to do this, please read on. If you don't want to at the moment (you will regret this choice!!!! Nah, just kidding but start early for bonus resources) then stick with NPC raiding. For player raiding, you will most likely want to have an alliance. Ask in the world chat if there are any alliances recruiting in [state you are in (e.x. Romagna). Join a strong one, that has people near you. You can raid with these alliance members, as well as get help from them when being raided and help them out. I chose alliance DSN2, which turned into ESN, which merged with Gravity. Anyways, what you need for player raiding depends on your current army size and prestige of the opposing player. Say I want to raid a person with 100k prestige. This is how I would do it, personally:

    Step 1: Scout

    NEVER ATTACK A CITY WITHOUT SCOUTING. This is an ESSENTIAL part of city attacking. If you attack a random player, and they have a much larger wall/army size then you expected, due to prestige guessing, kiss your army good-bye! With scouting, you can check whether or not the opponents resource quantity is large enough or too small for you, what the technology/construction level is for taking over cities, and their army and wall sizes. For scouting, send a decent number of scouts (10k is what i normally do for 100-200k pres. people) and your highest intelligence hero to scout a city. If you like this city, follow the next steps to attack and conquer a city of your choice.

    Step 2: Attacking the Mainland

    Now, what you do from here depends on what you want from your raid. If you want to get the foes items (raiding) then send multiple waves of different forces but considerable in size to increase chance of getting an item. If you want resources, then try and send transporters and archers, and a meat shield mostly of warriors. Also you may send ballistae to destroy fortifications (Archers Towers, Rockfall, etc.) For this 100k prestige person, my scout reports may give this.

    1000000 of all resources and gold.

    level 6 of most technology

    1000 Archers Towers

    2500 Traps

    100 Rollinglogs

    1000 Abatis

    100 Rockfall

    10k warriors

    5k workers

    25k scouts

    15k archers

    10k pikeman

    10k swordsmen

    100 ballistae

    10 battering ram

    250 transporters

    I know this isn't a whole lot, and is definitely not what you will find most of the time. Remember this is just an example!

    Remember, when you scouted you should have scouted all of this player's cities within 5-10 miles. This way you know for which you have the army size to take out, and which have the best walls, army, resources, etc.

    Now, you should send in multiple waves if raiding for opponents items.

    I normally start with around 10k warriors and 500 ballistae, to destroy my foes walls. This way my archers can either a) steal the items if gates are closed or b) take out this players army THEN steal his items and a few resources. After my ballistae/warrior wave i like to destroy him inside with around, say, 25k archers and 20k warriors. If you would like to both TAKE ITEMS and GET RESOURCES, just send in some transporters with the waves.

    If you are raiding for resources, do a similiar tactic, except try and get some transporters in with your waves and also just send one big wave with lots of transporters, ballistae,and a meat shield of warriors for your archers, and then a few waves of cavalry small amount of archers and transporters to take out resources.

    Thats pretty much the basics of Evony. Here's a guide to knowing which buildings you may want.

    Cottage- Cottages offer shelter to citizens, attracting more people to reside.

    Barracks-Soldier training and dismissal are conducted in Barracks; the higher its level the more advanced army branches can be trained.

    Feasting Hall-The Feasting Hall is the residence of the heroes. You can check the status of heroes, upgrade stats, give rewards, and dismiss them. There must be vacancies in the hall if you want to hire a hero. There must also be a vacancy if you capture a hero during combat. A captured Hero can either be Persuaded to join you (same cost as hiring in the Inn) or Released.

    Inn-The Inn is used to recruit Heroes. Increasing the level of Inn allows for more Heroes of higher level to be present at any point in time. The quality of available Heroes varies. There is a trade-off between initial level and Stats for Politics, Attack and Intelligence. Higher level Heroes hit diminishing returns for improvements – each Stat increase requires more experience. This makes a low level Hero that can be developed a much more attractive recruiting prospect than a higher level one with better Stats. Financially, low level Heroes are cheap to hire and keep.

    Marketplace-Allows you to buy or sell resources

    Rally Spot-The Rally Spot is a place for military assembly, where you can give an order to attack or conduct a military exercise, check your army's status and intelligence, adjust your attacking and defending strategy.

    The level of the Rally Spot determines both how many marches you can send out at any given time and the maximum size these marches can be. Per level, you can send one additional march and the march sizes increase by 10k troops, all the way up to level 10 which can send up to 10 marches, each consisting of 100k troops. Also note that using a War Ensign item can increase the size of a specific march by 25%. The 'Open Gate to Fight' option determines whether your army adds its strength to the city defenses, or stays safely in barracks to leave the wall defenses to take on an attack unaided. Leaving your gates closed is useful when you think your army will die from an oncoming invasion and want to protect them. Another feature of opening gates is that your scouts will combat enemy scouts when they come to scout your town and potentially kill them before giving the enemy any information; having your gates closed prevents this and lets enemies scout you freely.

    March: Instead of going to your selected target on the map and choosing to send a march, you can send it directly from your Rally Spot if you know the co-ordinates of your destination.

    Exercise: Exercise is a troop vs. troop battle simulator that will give a rough idea of what might happen in a battle between specific army combinations. This is handy if you're unsure what formation to put your army in, or wondering how to reduce your losses, but it has some flaws. It doesn't include technology levels, traps and wall durability or Hero attack statistics, all of which can majorly swing the outcome of a battle. Because of this, it's advised to not use the Excerice unless you know the enemies information and can accurately put it together in accordance with your own to come to a better conclusion about what might happen, but is still gives innacurate numbers at best.

    Medic Camp: In the rally spot you will find a button that says medic camp. This holds all of the troops that have been wounded in your recent battles. For a gold fee you can 'heal' these troops and they will rejoin your army. If you don't heal them they will eventually die.

    Relief Station-The Relief Station increases the speed of Army movement between your cities and your allies cities.

    Very useful if your cities are far apart and you need to transfer troops. Also good for taking less time to transport or reinforce you alliance members.

    Stable-A stable is a building in which livestock, especially horses, are kept. It most commonly means a building that is divided into separate stalls for individual animals.

    A military stable would also have a training grounds, barracks for the troopers, blacksmiths, armories, and the like. A horse must be highly trained to be successfully used in battle. Any civilization that wants to employ a large number of horsemen are highly encouraged to invest and build as many stables as possible. Horses are raised in the stable, and horsemen develop along with the stable's level. The Stable allows Horseback Riding to be researched and is also required to build Relief Stations. The in-game description of Stables claims "the higher its level the faster troops are trained." Perhaps it means that faster horses can be trained with higher level of the stable. It does not increase speed of training however. Building levels do not affect speed of research/training/construction in the game.

    Town Hall-The Town Hall is the administrative center the city. Here, players modify Production, Tax Rate, Comfort, and Levy parameters. Each upgrade of a city's Town Hall increases the number of valleys a player can conquer. Upgrading a Town Hall also increases a city's resource fields by three. Every city begins with a Level One Town Hall.

    According to the quest guide, the Town Hall is the administration centre of a city. While you upgrade it, the efficiency of constructions is enhanced at the same time. Please note that every upgrade of Town Hall allows you to conquer one more valley, and three extra resource fields are provided. Furthermore, the limit of gold reserve will also be increased.

    Also note that the Town hall level affects the view of your city on the map. Levels 1-3 is a "village", level 4-6 is a "town", level 7-9 is a "fort", and level 10 is a "city".

    Walls-Strong and firm city walls built around the city provide significant protection against attacks and invasions. All kinds of fortified units can be built here.

    Warehouse-Build one Warehouse for the quest, but don't rely on it to protect your resources from raid on it's own, however it's good to have one Warehouse and set it to save only food so you have some stored for the Comforting "Disaster Relief" if you fall victim to attacks.

    As for protecting resources, there are some ways to keep most, if not all of them safe from plunders.

    This strategy no longer works: Hide your gold and resources from plunder by putting them up for sale for a lot of money in the marketplace.

    Resources in the queue for sale that have not sold yet are taken in an attack (attempt to do this in a massive attack, and all resources up for sale will be gone from the list).

    Resources that are bought and not yet arrived before the strike are not touched. One strategy is to sell everything and buy it back (so the gold can't be taken) less than 30 minutes before the strike hits. They can't touch it.

    Another strategy is to have transporters load up with everything they can, and then march them to a valley, or set them up to march for a long time (maybe an ally far away) while the strike happens, then recall the transporters before they arrive. In theory, you could just set the camp time for the marching orders for several hours and they would be safe, and when you recalled they would come right back.

    The main issue about Warehouses is that they simply don't store enough for them to be worth taking up the construction slot in your town, even with Stockpile 10 researched.

    However, several high level Warehouses and Stockpile 9 or 10 can save a significant amount of resources. Ideally you would set aside an unimportant supply city and use that as your Warehouse city, so as to not interupt the soldier training in other, larger cities. In this case you would keep a supply of resources sitting aside in this town to protect them in case you fall under attack unawares and don't have time to protect them in other cities, or transport them to safety.

    Workshop-The workshop is necessary for offense and defense mechanics. It is required for Metal Casting. It is also a requirement for building higher levels of your Walls.


    Well guys, I guess that concludes my review and guide of playing Evony. Thanks for reading, and I really hope that this can help you progress your marvelous adventure through the game as well as make you a more knowledgeable and helpful player to the others in the game. Thanks for reading, and enjoy the game!

    Written by Lord KobeBryant, of server 134.

    Thanks to alliance Gravity, ESN, and DSN2 as well as evony for helping me out a ton throughout the game!



    For questions about the game, email me at


    I will reply ASAP!

    Thanks for reading the guide and enjoy your adventure!



    I am not going to try and change your opinion if you think evony isn't good, but really, I think you need to see how much effort it takes to even make a game. I personally think the creators did an excellent game and I am now kinda addicted, like play an hour or 2 daily. Thanks!

  33. Chuckwood says:

    Wow. I'm still here, still surrounded by the numbfuck that is Evony. And the dude above really takes the cake with… Dude, you wrote ''…I am now kinda addicted, like play an hour or 2 daily." No. No. You're not addicted if you play just an hour or two a day. You're addicted when you come in HERE and write a goddambed thesis on this crap, I mean you wrote a freaking mile-long REVIEW on the stupidest thing ever to splatter the Web since pay-per-email back in the early 90's. Oh my god… My biggest fear is that the lot of you are the youth behind me who will one day take charge of the adult world… and your children will be mindless tit-searching, farming freaks… Evony isn't bad for crazy reasons, it's bad for logical rational reasons, one of which is that you PAY TO VIRTUAL-FARM!!! Ouch. Some guy suggested we petition to shut this shit down, and I would agree… except my friend, we're apparently greatly outnumbered.

  34. KB says:

    dude, I am addicted. 1-2hours is because it is like in 5 increments daily…… chill. I think evony is good, can't change my opinion, i can't change yours. Im sure all players in evony with 50k+ pres. would agree…… W/e just chill out if you don't like it just say i dont like this game and why……… no need to overexert ureself….. I've heard plenty of bad reviews about game,but thats cause y'all have little or no patience. takes time in all games to get good, then it takes no time in all.

  35. Chuckwood says:

    Well ok, I admit I'm very serious in my opinion, I usually am when confronted with obvious stupidity. I do apologise for being the one to give out the bitch-slapping because in this life that we all live in, there are those who get suckered into doing stupid things, and there are those who try to get them un-suckered, as it were. So listen carefully, all of you, that means you SPARTICUS and KB and everyone else who has time to read this: YOU ARE SPENDING RESOURCES THAT COULD HAVE GONE TO MORE WORTHWHILE THINGS IN YOUR INDIVIDUAL LIVES! The human resource that you are could have been outside getting some exercise, or helping in a soup kitchen, or helping the elderly for that 1 or 2 hours of addicted nonsense. The $ resource that you spend on a game where you build a virtual non-world of farming (sorry but I gotta just laugh at you) instead of putting that $ aside and saving for a trip, a car, fixing a damaged item in your home… Then there's the Time resource that you could have spent meditating, making yourself better (there's always room for improvement) or just reading a good book (NOT ABOUT FARMING).

    Face it, you suckered yourself into this gimmick because of the titties and it led you to waste your precious time away raising a life that doesn't exist. I'm serious about it because I'm in my mid-30's, I have a family, I go out there and get involved in my society, my community and then I see you numbuts defending yourselves valiantly over this crap, using arguments like ''I'm allowed, it's a free country…" well no! I won't stop. If it's a free country, and I don't live the USA btw, then you must allow me to tell you how dumb you ought to feel for validating those who would prey upon the weak and desperate minded fools.

    So keep on writin' my friends, I know when I'm hitting the nail right on the head when so many people start wussing like you do Sparticus and KB. You go right ahead and think what you want, but deep deep down, the real reality out there could have used your help in making the real world a better place, instead you're playing one of the stupidest "games" ever. Mostly because you were attracted by the little girls and their titties. For shame.

    ps: I've never played the goddamned thing, that would be a contentious irony I would never hand out. I'm many things, but I'm not a stupid fool.

    pps: I have just enough time to continue ranting on this subject because I took typing classes in high school and I can type just under 100 words a minute while sipping my coffee and enjoying my intellectualism on this fine Sunday morning. That means that it takes me a nano-second to build the sentence in my head and 1 second to type it out in real-time.

    ppps: Surely you could at least admit it's a stupid game. Save your cash and get a console and some good games, there are good games out there too. Try an emulator and play some classics. I don't know… just get off Evony!!!!!

    Bring it on fools, Evony SUCKS and that's the truth.

  36. KB says:

    you are pretty serious about opinions, thank you for admitting that. But really, it depends on how you play game…… I play WC III when im not on evony, keep it open so i can change my projects in game training w/e and btw, dude im on my high schools basketball team to im fit…….. anyways ive never spent a single PENNY on a game, besides buying computer software games like wC3 and what not. I agree with you though, if you wanna get any good fast…… youll need to spend some $$$ and a LOT of it but yeah thats true but like i aid it requires patience. BTW i just play for fun and the enjoyment of killing little noobs who then go and cry……… fun to play after i get PISSED OFF at those nubs teams i get on wc. anyways i dont even spend money ON it, so so much for "Save your cash and get a console and some good games, there are good games out there too. " I actually DO play other games while my evony projects are going on…… LOL

  37. Me says:

    you said some building upgrades take over 12 hours… lol some take over 70

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  39. Tritar says:

    Evony caterers to the money players, if you are a Honest player the game is not for you. Only the cheaters win at that game and the more money you spend the more Evony lets you get away with.