Fable 3 unveiled at GDC 2009; Fable (2) Chapters coming soon


Fable 3 has officially been launched at GDC 2009.

Molyneux is being characteristically cagey about it, promising 2010, but ‘not early’, (the official Xbox release page says ‘holiday season 2010, so perhaps November 2010 or so?)  and saying that he wants to rebalance RPG mechanics with this release, but little else.  The video below gives little away, but the official blurb is that you take over from you parent (your character in Fable 2, if you played) and you rise to the throne of the Kingdom of Albion.  Will you continue to be the good, kind and just, or evil, tyrannical and sadistic ruler that got you to where you are, or will you instead compromise?  Speculation is rife as to whether this will change the RPG mechanics themselves or whether it’s just another gimmicky move to get more people interested in the genre.

In another surprising twist, Fable 2 is being released in five chapters – the first free – so that those who haven’t yet experienced Fable 2 can do so  Coming on September 29th, this promises to bring Fable 2 to more people, is fully compatible with both the add-ons (‘Knothole Island’ and ‘See the future’) without requiring them to buy the disc.

The first chapter is childhood and growing up into your role as a hero, and features all of the content from that time period, and players can then choose to purchase the whole game, grab a disc themselves, or continue to buy chapters.  Relying on the Xbox’s arcade distribution system, it’s clear that this may work in terms of both bite sized play and allowing people to decide whether they really are getting their money’s worth, whilst still allowing those who prefer traditional games channels the chance to purchase a copy of their own.


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