Fallout 3 Cosplay – Brotherhood of Steel Power Armor


A Fallout 3 cosplay created by a member of cosplay.com. This is not your average suit you’ll find in stores and certainly looks more than professional work that can be used if Fallout 3 ever gets made into a movie. The mask and minigun definitely gives me the chills. The project took an extreme amount of dedication and 1 month to complete. Check out the images below.

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45 Responses to “Fallout 3 Cosplay – Brotherhood of Steel Power Armor”
  1. Z says:

    Fuck Cosplay is retarded..

  2. John says:

    Ever celebrate Halloween? You're retarded too.

  3. Footz says:

    Is there any more info and pics on how they done this?. Looks fantastic.

  4. xu says:

    Great work. The paint job is world class.

    What the hell is that made out of anyways? Plaster?

    Wonder how much that thing weighs? Can't be too much if its made of plastic or something like that.

  5. Tyrone says:

    Amazing cosplay – truly a work of art

  6. yupyup says:


    That's the link to their company, freakin awesome work. Too bad their site is horrible ><

  7. Alex says:

    I’d like to see a set of the Enclave Power Armor

  8. Seth says:

    My god, that is amazing work. you sir (or ma'am)are an artist.

  9. Erik says:

    That’s really exceptional work.

  10. Z says:

    I like to suck dick, I am a hater my name is Z as in Zgay.

  11. Yumiko says:

    That's awesome

  12. Sejo says:

    Just like to say love this Costume you made it's just perfect in every way a person who like Fallout series would agree with me and everyone else on this, the time and effort spent on this was well worth it and his should be put up in a glass display for show off if you ask me man….I wish I could only have that on display…..If I had a million dollars…..I'd buy this costume!

  13. yogurt says:

    well, we can now see how big fail is bethesdas PA design IRL… it really looks horrible and funny in the same time… shoulder pads are bad, a lot unprotected body parts, helmet to large (or torso to small)… it doesnt feel right, it doesnt feel like walking tank, rather like walking trashcan

    but besides that, excellent work, but poor choice of what to build

  14. Justin says:

    This is freaking amazing. A lot of douche bags are taking there time to voice that Cosplay is dumb or something else unintelligent why troll idk?

  15. Mike says:

    Because anybody stupid enough to try to copy any object in a Bethesda game is the greatest loser/retard on the planet. How exactly does BS continually make such total shit?

  16. Stumble user says:

    Stumbled across this website and my god what a huge waste of time…NOT ART! How big of a nerd do you have to be to make a costume to that degree of something from a video game?! I am a huge gamer but damn this is letting it go to your head…you do realize that its MAKE BELIEVE? right? Good costume for Halloween, though it seems like you spent way to much time to only wear it once…do you wear it around the house as well? sit and play the game dressed as the character? LOL

  17. Lexi says:

    I would pay a large amount of money to get "done" by someone wearing that.

    Seriously. XD

  18. ransom says:

    great peace of work lots of sculpting work that looks like it was well done. and cos play does suck but when you have stuff that is trully great like this it makes everything worth it

  19. CLL says:

    yes i wear this costume aroudn thehouse you got a problem?

    once i went to the gang fight with my fellow bloods (i painted mine with red emblem) and i kicked all the other gang ass

    they were terified

  20. legendofmatt says:

    I was hoping you have some sort of instructable or at least sell this online? what would you charge? do you have specs for someone to build one?

    Great Job looks like I would expect. I am an OLD school fallout fan! I have played them all.

  21. Dro says:

    Hey do u think you could print off some plans or reference me some place to go for plans? i need to make something for metal shop

  22. Russ says:

    Hey Is there any way I could get the instructions so I can make 2 pairs so me And my friend

    can where it to comic con this year

  23. Kevin says:

    If you guys are willing to build another i would buy it, name your price! Im serious!

  24. Matt says:

    you just made the first power armor prototype adding some servo motors and you got a working power armor

  25. Lx says:

    Well, I think it's incredible.

  26. Mr. Rhombus says:

    Two words: Van Buren.

    The suit was designed way before BS bought the Fallout IP from Interplay, first appearing Black Isle's Fallout 3 tech demo back in 2003. Also, the suit is amazing and the haters are gonna hate. Just let 'em be a bunch of douche bags if they want to.

    Fun Fact: There's a suit of pink T-45d PA in the game files, found when using the console command on PC.

  27. Stumble user says:

    Hi im Stumble user im so sorry i dissed this website, i am just really jealous, i have no money and im poor and i cant buy myself not even a 99 cent Halloween costume cuz it all goes to my moms dialysis 3 times a week i am so sorry i secretly love fallout but i have a inferiority complex and i see many psychologist in order to avoid suicide.

  28. PT says:

    Anyone else notice that this has a T51-b helmet with the regular power armor body? Great work anyway

  29. lucifer m says:

    hey you guys stop fighting over this, i think the armors amazing but if u think cosplay sucks so suck it damn u probly like things others dont like

  30. honesty says:

    I never did the cosplay stuff. I thought it was a bunch of fat dudes in underoos, nothing that great. Then I saw the women of cosplay and now I’m shutting the Hell up.

  31. fuzzgutter says:

    wow power armor that looks better than youre spray painted cardboard and duct tape sure sends you geeks clicking away. do you always agro someone with actual skill. or do you see it as pay back for all the swirlies and atomic wedgies you recieved in high school? jus sayin there is better more serious stuff to be concerned about.

  32. Kyle says:

    I want power armor. I wish buy. I not know how much cost it is?