Fallout: New Vegas companions revealed

We’re all waiting for the latest game from Bethesda Softworks called Fallout: New Vegas, and as you already know, there are many new things in New Vegas such as new and deeper storyline as well as brand new wasteland for you to explore. Besides a ton of new quests and enemies Fallout: New Vegas will feature all sorts of new companions that you can lead with you.

There are several available companions, and each of them has a different benefit that will help you as well as its own storyline. It seems that Fallout: New Vegas will have six humanoid companions and two non-human companions so, let us check them all out.

First on our list is Arcade, a 34-year-old doctor. He is highly ethical and moral character and as long as you have him in your team, he will give you Better Healing benefit and more health from health sources. Next character is Boone, a tough ex-military guy and thanks to his Spotter perk hostile targets are highlighted whenever you are actively aiming. In addition, you will get a chance to lead a ghoul named Raul as your companion. Raul is repairman and thanks to his Regular Maintenance benefit, your weapons and armor will decay 50% slower. Besides ghouls there are female companions as well and first of them is Cass. Cass is a water merchant but she enjoys strong whiskey and while she’s your companion, both your and her will get Damage Threshold when you drink Whiskey. Since she is boozer, you can drink as much as you want and you will not suffer from intelligence loss or from negative effects of alcohol addiction. Another female companion is Veronica, a Brotherhood of Steel journeyman scribe and with her as your companion, you can craft items through her dialogue. Last female companion is Lily and she is a Super Mutant, but unlike other Super Mutants, she is no brute. Lilly works as a farmer now and she is suffering from schizophrenia, and as long as you have her in your team you will get Stealth Girl benefit, which will give, you increased duration of Stealth Boys by 200% and all additional 10% damage on Sneak Attack Critical Hits.

As for the two non-human companions, we have ED-E and Rex. ED-E is not a standard eyebot because he carries hardened armor and specialized weapons and with him in your team, you will be able to detect enemies at increased range. In addition, enemies will appear on your compass and they will be targetable in VATS even if they are clocked. Last companion is Rex, a cyborg dog that can highlight items within short range when you zoom in the camera with the Search and Mark benefit.

It is great to see that there will be eight different companions in this game, and we cannot wait to try them all.


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