Few Reasons To Hate StarCraft 2

First StarCraft was a mind-blowing game that was released in the 1998 and soon after its release it has achieved tremendous popularity all over the world. Blizzard did an amazing job with the first StarCraft so it’s no wonder that we’re waiting for StarCraft 2 with anticipation. StarCraft 2 has been released and I’m sure it’s as great as the first game or even better, but there are still some reasons that will make you hate StarCraft 2.

Besides the problem with Real ID before there is a second problem and that is StarCraft 2 is lacking of LAN support. I agree that LAN might be bit outdated in 2010, but there are many players that enjoy playing in LAN. ?First StarCraft had LAN support and it was great because it allowed you to create LAN game and enjoy in gameplay without lag. Yeah, it was a great feature, but now it’s gone so we’ll have to get used to it.

Next thing on our list is the campaign. StarCraft 2: Wings Of Liberty will provide only Terran campaign. Terran campaign is going to be deep and interesting and it will provide hours and hours of gameplay but still fans are disappointed because we’ll only get one third of the story. This sucks because if you want to know the entire story you’ll have to purchase expansion packs that will be released in the future. Personally I don’t mind, but I still don’t want to wait for three years to get a chance to play Zerg or Protoss campaing.

Last complaint goes to the hardware issues. I’ll have to admit that StarCraft 2 is a hot game, but it’s so damn hot that it will set your graphic card on fire! Blizzard has confirmed that StarCraft 2 causes overheating issues that may damage your PC so if you’re willing to risk your PC, feel free to try StarCraft 2.

StarCraft 2 is a great game that might cost you your privacy, your PC and a lot of money but in the end you have to ask yourself is it worth it?

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2 Responses to “Few Reasons To Hate StarCraft 2”
  1. MekNaan says:

    yup it's worth it

  2. Guest says:

    Your complaints are not valid. Read ID is great for cutting down on trolling and hacks. They didn't include LAN because it reduces piracy, deal with it. The SC2 campaign has 29 missions, original StarCraft had 30 missions. And you can easily turn down the graphics settings so that it runs on virtually any computer made in the last 5 years.