Fight Night Round 4 getting TWO DLC, button controls


Fight Night Round 3 lovers might just be getting what they have always wanted. A button that can be smashed mindlessly to throw punches at ease. EA Sports today announced that an upcoming download to Fight Night Round 4 will be added which will have the option of using face buttons to control the game.

The first DLC pack coming in August will offer a lot of new cool features like new gym, new equipment, an Xbox 360-exclusive alternate version of Sugar Ray Leonard, and new gameplay sliders that allow players to tweak “Counter Punch Window, Boxer Stamina, and Punch Accuracy.”

“We strongly believe that the refined Total Punch Control is the most intuitive way to throw punches in Fight Night Round 4, but we also want fans of the franchise to have an option,” said EA senior producer Dean Richards.

Another DLC pack, scheduled for release in September, will give players the option to use the face buttons for punching instead of the joystick control. This was apparently after the gaming community requested the addition of the feature from EA Sports.

Looks like EA has been all ears to fan requests and is not letting any chances to let their Sports fans down.

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