Final Fantasy: Periodic Table of Elements

Final Fantasy Period Table

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A very cool periodic table with Final Fantasy characters ranging from I through XIII. Rafi from Geekologie made this chart and kudos to him for this nice piece of eye candy. This is the second version, updated on March 9th, 2009.

In this table you’ll find the atomic numbers and symbols, as well as:

* Characters from Final Fantasy I through the upcoming XIII
* Heroes, villains, monsters, and summons from throughout the series
* Minor characters as well (because it was a stretch to match some symbols)

One question I do have for all the Final Fantasy fans out there: Can you name all the characters here on this table?

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21 Responses to “Final Fantasy: Periodic Table of Elements”
  1. Ryan says:

    is cloud missing? or am i just bad at finding him?

  2. anon says:

    I'm a little disapointed that Si isn't Sid

  3. ConanSlew says:

    This is awesome, very good work.

  4. Jett says:

    Fun fun. But I see a mistake. Kuja isn't spelled with a Cu. Unless perhaps we are going with phonetics. But yeah. Nifty, other than that

  5. InTheSea says:

    The cutest thing in final fantasies isn't there (or can't seem to find). Moombas!

  6. Eric says:

    Where is Squall?

  7. arkanyne says:

    who's Kb?

  8. arkanyne says:

    I mean, Md

  9. Lovedless says:

    Quite disappointed there is no Rude…

  10. my name is clive mcnally i inervated the i phone and i know howto write the periodic table from hydrogen through to hydrogen = h2 he2/4 be4/8 c6/12 o8/16 ne10/20 mg12/24 si14/28 s16/32 ar18/36 ca20/40 ti22/44 cr24/48 fe26/52 ni28/56 zn30/60 ge32/64 se34/68 kr36/72 sr38/76 zr40/80 mo42/84 ru44/88 pd46/92 cd48/96 sn50/100 te52/104 xe54/108 ba56/112 ce58/116 nd60/120 sm62/124 gd64/128 dy66/132 er68/136 yb70/140 hf72/144 w74/148 os76/152 pt78/156 hg80/160 pb82/164 pd84/168 rn86/172 ra88/176th90/180 u92/184 pu94/188 cm96/192 cr98/196 pm100/200 nd102/204 rf104/208 sg106/212 hs108/216 _110/220 _112/224_114/228 _+_115/230 _113/226 _111/222 mt109/218 bh107/214db105/210lr103/206md101/202es99/198bk97/194am95/190np93/186 pa91/182 ac89/178 fr87/174 at85/170 bi83/166 ti81/162 au 79/158 ir77/154 re75/150 ta73/146 lu71/142 tm69/138ho67/134 tb65/130 ev63/126 pm61/122 pr59/118 la57/114 os55/110 i53/106 sb51/102 in49/98 ag47/94 rh45/90 tc43/86nb41/82 y39/78 rb37/74 br35/70 as33/66 ga31/62 cu29/58 co27/54 mn25/50 v23/46 sc21/42 k19/38 cl17/34 p15/30al13/26 na11/22 f9/18 n7/14 b5/10 li3/6 h20

  11. Aihira says:

    Is Zidane even here? D: