GameStop buying/selling used iOS devices, iPod, iPad, & iPhone

GameStop has confirmed they will venturing into the iOS market, within a week or two they will be accepting trade-ins for iPod, iPad and iPhones.

If you’re Nano is sitting around collecting dust, you can trade it off for some new games. No details were revealed on pricing yet but expect word in the next week or so.

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2 Responses to “GameStop buying/selling used iOS devices, iPod, iPad, & iPhone”
  1. I am curious what GameStop will be paying for the iPad/iPhone. Their pricing on buying games is very low but they offer the convenience of an instant credit to buy a new game. But we are talking about much bigger dollars with iPads or iPhones. As an example, will currently pay $560 for a 64GB iPad 2 with 3G and even pays $200 for a 16GB iPad version 1 with only WiFi or $290 for a 32GB AT&T iPhone 4. I'm curious if GameStop will come close to pricing like this?

  2. R3232 says:

    Here is for sellyourcell guy Apple Hardware: iPod iPod 5th Generation 30GB – $35 (9/11/11) iPod Classic 5.5 Generation 30GB – $58 (9/20/11) iPod Nano 1st Generation 2GB – $12 (9/24/11) iPod Nano 2nd Generation 2GB – $20 (9/11/11) iPod Nano 2nd Generation 4GB – $22 (9/19/11) iPod Nano 3rd Generation 4GB – $32 (9/14/11) iPod Shuffle 2nd Generation 2GB – $15 (9/13/11) iPod Touch 1st Generation 8GB – $70 (9/12/11) iPod Touch 1st Generation 16GB – $75 (9/12/11) iPod Touch 1st Generation 32GB – $80 (9/20/11) iPod Touch 2nd Generation 8GB – $72 (9/20/11) iPod Touch 2nd Generation 16GB – $80 (9/18/11)

    iPhone iPhone 1st Generation 4GB – $50 (9/10/11) iPhone 3G 8GB – $80 (9/17/11) iPhone 3GS 32GB (AT&T) – $140 (9/11/11) iPhone 4 16GB (Verizon) – $150 (9/11/11)

    iPad iPad 1st Generation 32GB (WiFi Only) – $175