German Amazon PS3 Slim Page Gets a Picture, But..

ama ps3 slim pic

Does the Playstation 3 slim exist? Who knows. The German Amazon “leak” found earlier today isn’t the best confirmation source — after all, these sort of things happen all the time — but a picture has appeared on the site.

What may seem like a miracle and finally a confirmation on Sony’s (possibly) upcoming Playstation 3 model is actually a user-contributed picture.

That alone should have anyone wondering about the legitimacy of the photo, but the source of the picture is somewhere everyone who keeps up with gaming culture or news knows about: NeoGAF.

That settles the mystery of the picture, but not of the listing as a whole or whether the Playstation 3 slim even exists. Nothing more to see here until the site gets some specs or Sony makes an announcement, folks.

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