Grand Theft Auto IV cityscapes inspired the latest paintings by James Barnett


What do you get when take a doodle on a crummy paper and photocopy it repeatedly on maximum magnification? Well you get an idea of how the mind of painter James Barnett works. James Barnett, the artist behind the new Fauxvism Series, calls this approach flawed image production.

In his latest series, he uses scenes from Team Fortress 2, Fallout 3, and Grand Theft Auto IV to paint his landscapes. Mind you, these aren’t just taken from screen shots either. Barnett navigated around each of the games until he found something that he liked and then painted it.

Barnett says, “I certainly spend more time in games than wandering the idyllic countryside.”

Barnett’s plays on a Fauvism style of art that developed around the turn of the century by artists like, Henri Mattisse and André Derain. Barnett uses anything from, uneven inking of old wood-type posters, to spray painting over spray and even painting, where you can see every brushstroke, to achieve this work. Barnett says, “the imperfections of that process, the visible hand of the maker, are what make handmade images interesting to me–a painting or print, as I see it, should show the person who made it.”

Barnett began painting from video games out of his frustration with what he claims is the 3D games trying to imitate real life.

To see more of his work, go to his online gallery. You can purchase these too, but it will set you back a few dollars.

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