Griffith confident about Activision’s financial performance


CEO Mike Griffith recently boasted about Activision’s performance during the year at the MCV and Activision gatherings. Griffith claims that Activision has a competitive edge and leads the market in existing franchises such as, Guitar Hero. Activision is due to add, DJ Hero, Guitar Hero 5 and Grand Hero to the GH family too. Tony Hawk’s Ride and Blur will also be among the new titles gamers can look forward too, along with Modern Warfare 2, which Griffith claims will be “the biggest Call of Duty ever.”

Griffith said, “This is the best competitive position we’ve ever had,” adding, “Our titles are strong, and competitive titles are a little sparser.”
When asked about the competition from the Beatles:Rock Band, he simple said, “Well, Rock Band is the most similar title on the market, but Guitar Hero outsells it by four to one in the US; in Europe that number is ten to one.”

Pressed again about peripheral-based games, like the spin offs from Guitar hero, Griffith simply argued, that the company only uses peripherals when they “define a magical experience that comes about when you marry hardware and software.”

Griffith also made remarks about Activision’s European market and the continued importance of retail.

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