Guess What? StarCraft 2 Beta is Back!

Blizzard just started the phase 2 for StarCraft 2 Beta without any notice, except there was news earlier about Europe getting the new patch. The whole time the community is concentrated on raging on the Real ID feature that Blizzard will be implementing into, which helped the relaunch of Beta just sneaked by without being notice.

We have a little more than two weeks to go and the game will be officially launch. Is this real? Am I dreaming? Finally, two more weeks and StarCraft 2 will go Live!

As of now, most people in the community has a problem with the new Real ID feature because it does give out your personal information through the forum. However, if you do think about the feature it does have good points to it because it does go with the whole new service that will feature your Facebook accounts. Well, we will have to see if this feature will work out, but I think Blizzard as of now will be going forth with the Real ID. Watch all the fun trash talking be gone and we all act like CareBear with each other.

Oh by the way, StarCraft 2 Beta is BACK!! Jeez go update already!

[Update]: Seem like it is still broken at the moment with 500K+ players on, but 0 games. Blizzard is fixing the problem and will probably need a full reset to start the Beta back up.

[Update]: The games are working, but there are quite a few bugs such as the vespean gas image is gone. Cool thing is Blizzard added back the critters in the map.

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One Response to “Guess What? StarCraft 2 Beta is Back!”
  1. OneManZerg says:

    I love this game and can't wait for it to come out!

    Strategies and commentaries on SC 2 can be very helpful too.