Hitman 5 Is In Development?

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood might be one of the most expected games with our favorite assassin, but we forgot that there was another game, with another assassin a long time ago, and that game is Hitman: Codename 47.

Hitman series was great, although it had its ups and downs, and according to the latest rumors, Hitman 5 is on its way. According to the news, the new Hitman game will be the reboot to the series, and not many fans are going to like this change. So far, there is no information about any special features or new ways to kill out victims, but we know that Agent 47 will get a makeover. He is still bald, but he will have a stubble beard, which is not a big change and it is more than welcome. Agent 47 looks more mean and mysterious than before, and overall, its good improvement, but we will see how the community will react to this. In addition, the game should be more focused on the story, and new assignments will work like open missions in previous games. Another thing that is interesting about this game is that it is being developed paralleled with the upcoming Hitman movie. Agent 47 will not be the only playable assassin in this game, and we will get the chance to play as female assassin as well. As for the casting, David Bateson will borrow the voice of Hitman once again.

This game will be revealed this December, and we are expecting to see good reaction from the fans although we do not know anything about its release date.


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