How to Build a Real Life Electronic Game

life_size_light_gamesImaging playing Street Fighter 4 using real life characters or whatever game you have in your mind in real life. Well, they’re not quite there yet but a dream is just another step from reality and Steve Jernigan is on the track.

Steve created an electronic snowball fighting game consisting of two half life-sized players on the opposite side of each other. Each player can throw a snowball or duck to avoid getting hit. It’s a simple game but the the idea can definitely expand to many possibilities. The technique can be easily adapted to other types of game play.


Steve took pictures of himself standing, ducking and in a throwing motion to create the outlines of the player then stenciled into some masonite and finally drilled holes along the outline and pushed Christmas lights into them. More details on how the game was built can be found in the video below.

The project was well planned and organized and will hopefully will be adapted to other games for further development. The codes, schematics and more pictures can be found here.


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