Hyperdimension Neptunia – Pay to play unlocked characters is BS

I have always enjoyed Japanese RPGs for a single player past time and having additional characters in my party is always a welcome until playing Hyperdimension Neptunia. I have unlocked a new character name Nisa to join my party but she just sits there and does not fight nor gain any experience until I pay a ridiculous fee.

Nisa and another character Gust, are not hidden characters and they do show up on the back of the games box. They both do absolutely nothing until you pay for their activation pack at $1.99 a piece. While $3.98 may not be a lot of money, the practice of charging players to play a character is just plain BS. If I were to pay a dollar for every character I unlocked in a RPG, especially a game like Siukoden, I would’ve blindly lost $100 in addition to the $50 I paid for the game. Once the activation fee is paid, a file is downloaded to your console allowing you access to use them. You can then start equipping them with gears and level them up, starting from level one.

Free DLCs are always welcomed, some DLCs I will pay for, but to unlock playable characters that are already in your roster is just some what ridiculous. If other publishers decides to pick up on ideas such as this, I know who to blame; NIS America.

Kotaku has got in contact with NIS America regarding the situation and their response was nothing more than an encouragement for players to purchase the DLC to play them.

“Unlocking characters through DLC is nothing new to our games. The difference for this time is that the additional characters are already in the game. Having these characters already in the game will help players attach to the characters, and if the players would like to play the characters they have options to download the DLC to unlock them.
Having these characters in the party is like a tease.”

How do you guys feel about having to pay to play characters?

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