Images of Disney’s Steampunk Interactive Game

Over at artist Fred Gambino’s website there is a section with the title ‘Epic Mickey’ where there is a set of concept art for what is rumored to be a new interactive game from Disney. Also, another artist who probably worked on it was Gary Clover, which you can check out some of his environment works of the Magic Kingdom in a desolated world (I like how Mickey’s hand is sticking out).

Last year, Gamasutra did report of a top secret game from Disney also codenamed ‘Epic Mickey’. Coincidence? Probably not..Hopefully there will be more information on the game itself.

I wonder if Disney is trying to draw in the ‘Steampunk’ crowd and sacrifice their goody goody image for it or just another reinvention for Mickey and the gang.

Check out the rest of the images:

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11 Responses to “Images of Disney’s Steampunk Interactive Game”
  1. T says:

    It all leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The concept is extremely unoriginal. I'm having a difficult time believing this is something professionally done. In fact, this looks to be the doodles of a fist-year student at a design school. No way will this ever make it to market. Terrible.

  2. Mickey says:

    Ur terrible.

  3. YongQing says:

    Come on, they're pretty neat. Let's see u do something better.

  4. delta hedging says:

    yeah, i agree

    its a little too out there to be disney

    especially the sketches of goofy, I'm pretty sure that Disney frowns on messing with the core characters, save for the mouse himself, as his silhouette is almost universally recognizable.

    for a good example of what Disney steampunk design looks like, go check out the Jules Verne/Steampunk version of tommorowland (i cant seem to find it online, but it is much more "reeled-in" then these concept pics)

  5. the gnu! says:

    This is clearly a hoax. So stop your bickering and arguing. This is supposed to be a happy occation!

  6. l@5t says:

    Could it be Sora & friends visiting Wall-E's postapocalyptic world?

  7. ToonH8R says:

    It does look a bit like Wall-E smashed into Tom Sawyer, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, 28 Days, and Fantasia…

  8. I love the terminator mouse – I'll be back – squeak.

  9. Nyx Qyv says:

    i'm not sure if this is 100% BS or not as i recall seeing a very quick little blurb about it on G4's X-Play, a la Morgan Webb. doesn't mean that it will ever make it to production, but if it does i just hope that they don't bastardise it like i'm assuming they will.

  10. Lola says:

    It's not total BS. I've seen images of this from G4 and they confirmed it at last year's E3 conference. It's been said in might be a platform game but not known for sure.