Jessica Simpson as Samus Aran in Metroid movie?

Many games are getting movie adaptations and to be honest most of those movies can’t be compared to the game series. Is that because the movie directors change the original concept of the game or it has something to do with the crew and actors? Speaking of actors and crew, I’m sure that you know that there will be a Metrod movie based on the famous Metroid series from Nintedno. Question is who will play the main role?

I’m sure that all the gamers know the Metroid series that has been around from the time of the NES and was one of the most popular games of that time. You play as Samsus Aran, space bounty hunter and your task is to defend the galaxy from the Metrod. When it comes to game series, the biggest surprise was that Samsus Aran is actually a female. That way Samus became one of the most known female characters in the gaming industry. Now let’s focus on the upcoming Metroid movie for a second. Rumor has it that Uwe Boll is directing the movie but the biggest surprise is that Jessica Simpson might take the role of Samus Aran. How will 30-year-old actress and singer handle the role of Samus Aran it remains to be seen. Jessica has a several movies behind her and we remember her from The Dukes of Hazzard, Employee of the Month and The Love Guru. Also, Jessica stated in several television shows and she has released five studio albums.

Jessica might be perfect because she has some resemblance to the Samus Aran but Jessica has complained that the movie plot is too complex and that she would like to focus more on Samus’s love life. This is why good games get bad movies, because actors tend to put their own ideas and change the franchise that way. So far, it’s not confirmed that Jessica will play Samus Aran and it might be just another rumor. Anyhow, we’re hoping that the Metroid movie will be worthy of the game series.

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8 Responses to “Jessica Simpson as Samus Aran in Metroid movie?”
  1. RumorMiller says:

    Here's the original link.

    For what it's worth I'd like to see them do something like they did for Darth Vadar- use Jessica Simpson's body and Starbuck's attitude/acting.

  2. We just contacted UWE BOLL and talked about the METROID/Jessica Simpson rumors. He said that it's "nonsense" and not true at all. Meanwhile, we'll see a first trailer of BLOODRAYNE III: THE FIRST REICH in about 4 weeks.


    Best regards Christian Mester,

  3. The Enigmatic Jack says:

    There isn't a Metroid movie anywhere close to development. John Woo purchased the option for it several years ago, but it got shelved before it even made it to pre-production. Since then Nintendo has pretty much locked down their properties, saying that they're interested in possibly making films from them at a later date but being very protective of the rights to make sure that any films would reflect the game and not just cash in on its name.

  4. SQLInjector says:

    someone leaked the first two pages of the script to the metroid movie. Here's the link:

  5. Zeta Reticuli says:

    I reckon Jenna Elfman would be perfect for the role of Samus.
    She’s certainly tall enough.

  6. Jessica Simpson looks great and in shape in the shorts and t-shirt. Not so stylish with the dresses she has been chosing. Other than that she is gorgeous woman.

  7. anonymous says:

    i think if you dyed jennifer love hewitt's hair blonde, she would be perfect for that role