Jun Kazama back for Tekken 7?

After the depressing news that is Tekken the movie, I’ve tried to find ways to erase what has been seen via Tekken-related good news. One of which was the already published cosplay compilation, check it out here. This is my second try at being a bearer of good news in the world of Tekken.

As everyone knows, Tekken is definitely no sleeping franchise. Since its release, it has faithfully released sequel after sequel introducing new elements for battle and unravelling more of its plot each time. As of press time, we are expecting the release of one of the most highly anticipated crossover games yet: Tekken vs. Streetfighter. Of course, let’s not also forget Tekken 7~

This brings me to the good news I’m excited to tell you about.

Are you a Jun Kazama fan? Have a twitter account?

Want her back in the Tekken storyline?


Have your voice heard and log on your twitter accounts as you read about the news I bring:

Tekken honcho Katsuhiro Harada has announced, earlier this month, on Tekken Nation and later crossposted on his official Facebook and Twitter account, that he is considering on BRINGING BACK Jun Kazama on Tekken 7. This would also be brought up again during an interview with the said household name during Gamescom in Germany careof Gamespot.

However, the possibility is still not set in stone. Due to the low fan turn out of Kunimitsu from Tekken 2, the first brought back from ‘MIA’ status, Harada is unsure whether it is worth the effort.  For this to happen, a condition must be made: he must have an increased number of followers on his twitter account.

He would also like to hear from fans themselves: asking their opinion and point of view on the matter. Meaningful posts only people. You can take the SPAM out the window.

Harada confirmed that Jun isn’t dead. Rather she’s missing with her present whereabouts unknown. For story purposes, she is presumed dead. Now that you think about it her circumstances were quite ambiguous in the first place.

Jun Kazama is one of the most influential women in the world of Tekken. It is her presence that has moved the two main leads of the plot: father and son, Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama respectively, to live out their lives as they have had; such that it is no exaggeration to say that she is their raison d’etat: reason for being. Even with her loss, she continues to play an important role in their lives.

Let’s admit it: Jun’s loss in game was abrupt and unforeseen. Fans were disappointed and unhappy with their favourite character missing from the ranks. Only in fan works and in what ifs did Jun continue to exist for those who love her.

Her return will definitely be something to look forward to—that is if we make it happen.

Let’s band together shall we?

So log on to tour twitter accounts and ‘follow’ for Jun’s return to Tekken.

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22 Responses to “Jun Kazama back for Tekken 7?”
  1. martin says:

    you should post the link for the twitter account to follow in this article

  2. rosenqueen says:

    Good point. Sorry. I forgot! Was so excited to post this.

    http://twitter.com/Harada_TEKKEN >> GO FOLLOW! XD

  3. tarbis says:

    If Jun is coming back, she should have different move set from Asuka. I don't want to have another Christie/Eddy or Kuma/Panda. They can have similar moves like the lp+rk since they are of the same discipline. Or at least change the animation if they are gonna have the same move set. Asuka should have more rough and sharp moves since she have a tomboyish personality while Jun should have more speedy, fluid and graceful like moves. But I'd prefer a different with similar move set.

  4. rosenqueen says:

    Same here. If ever she does come back, they should make some obvious differentiations since if they don't do that, they're just making expensive 'palette' swaps. But plot wise? I think it might do some good.

  5. Danish Tekken nerd says:

    Well to put it simple, Jun kazama got killed in the storyline. no way they will bring her as a person back… as for her fighting style, you got Asuka Kazama. but it would make no sense bringing her back

    In before "But they brought Armor king back" yes but that was a huge fail. i loved armor king, and was sad to learn that he had died in the upstart to tekken 4. but i hated the way they brought him back

  6. Deviki says:

    i love jun shes one of the best charcters i dont think its fair on jin mainly so he should have positivity in tekken 7 so i hope she comes back for tekken 7 XD

  7. Nick Clark says:

    I want Jun back not only because I like her character, but because it will affect so many characters in the story such as Jin and Kazuya. Great idea!

  8. J-T says:

    I'm pretty sure that she'll be in the next game just to appear. She's at least, if not older than, 40. You would think that she retired from fighting, much like Michelle might be doing, but hey, a woman fighting over 40 isn't impossible. Plus, women over 40 can age gracefully. Look at Gong Li.

  9. morning ice says:

    that would be interesting since Jun's disappearance is mysterious..plus there is Unknown, who really is she?…is she an avatar of Jun or what?… better if she would return not just for some changes but also to answer the questions in the mind of the fans…

  10. morning ice says:

    and if she ever comes back, i wish she would have a different look, like she having a different hairdo and wearing a different costume, something that is trendy, modern and fashionable…just not too avant garde but still stylish <3

  11. i love lady gaga says:

    that would be cool,new style, new image,hehe

    i hope namco revives her character haha, im just curious how she is related to unknown and asuka and how kazuya sees her and what will happen to jin if he finds her alive

    i'm a big fan of hers and it kind of frustrates me that she suddenly disappeared in the storyline bringing her back would definitely create a twist!

  12. lililovercam says:

    Jun is Asuka's Auntie :) i hope jun returns there will be new attitudes in some of the characters and Jin will become more kind at heart

  13. Alan says:

    I reckon Jun should return,
    this will change alot of the Tekken history for the fans!

  14. Justin says:

    I want Jun back!

  15. FunwithJun says:

    I hope that Jun appears in the next games. I loved her character in Tekken 2 and she was my favourite at that time. It was a dissapointment to see the storyline change her her taking part in the tournaments anyomore. However, i was delighted to see her back in Tekken Tag 1 with more moves. But that doesn't change anything. That game wasn't with the storyline, so we were lucky to have a her back. But the next installments were part of the storyline and the plot with Tekken 2 (Jun being pregnant with Kazuya, having a baby named Jin and raising him but then Jun mysteriously dissapears) just messed it up for the sequels. There was no Jun. Bringing her back would've gave her more fame, more powerful moves, better storyline and it would change the plot a bit. I think there is a chance for her coming back in the plot. Even though i love Asuka, she has taken her moves and i'm upset! So i don't want a Jun with the same exact moves. Well i do, but different as well. Say YES to bringing Jun back!!!!!!

  16. Liam says:

    I've seen Jun in Tekken Tag 2 and she's great and strong as ever. Plus she's got a new costume! I hope she's like that in the next sequels. Bring back Jun!

  17. zouherrocker says:

    she is coming they confirmed plus go to youtube put tekken tag 2 trailer and you will see a part wer lili will be be ''sneaking'' on jun yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay and maybe true ogre will come yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay he has been my favorite on tekken 3 and i cryed wen i knew he wasnt on tekkn 4 go youtube tekken tag 2 true ogre and a new charceter called JC(jaycee)

  18. Tekken fanatic says:

    i’ve seen her in tekken 2. but, unfortunately it just 2 times i play the tekken 2. i really miss her so much and i agree Jun Kazama back in Tekken 7

  19. Latanya Tyson says:

    I've loved June Kazama's character and fighting style since Tekken 2. Been a fan since Tekken first came out. She started the Kazama fighting style. And quite frankly Jin has never seemed to master it so perfectly as she. But if you bring her back please make her a triple threat. Remind the players that the old school Tekken will not be forgotten. She should be the reincarnate of Jun. Give her some tight ass new moves so she can raise hell. Make the fans know who the real Tekken Masters were! By the way I create video game characters for a living. If you want a mock up of the new Jun (patented of-course) shoot me an email.