Konami to release more MGO content this month

Konami have recently added exclusive new content to their standout PS3 title Metal Gear Online in the form of a new expansion pack called SCENE. Before Playstation 3 owners think that’s all they have up their sleeve they’ll be pleased to hear that May 12th brings a new game mode known as Race Mission.

In this Race Mission version of Metal Gear Online, the blue team are charged with protecting a Target known as the KEROTAN while the Red have to protect a GA’KO target. The idea is, every time one of the teams passes a checkpoint with their assigned target a new one is generate, hence the name race mode. If one of the teams fails to reach the checkpoint or drops it’s target in the allotted time frame, the checkpoint and targets position changes. This causes some frantic and tactically stimulating gameplay.

On May 26th, MGO will release a new piece of content called the Patriot Feature. This gives a select few players who are chosen at random access to a 5.56mm assault rifle with unlimited ammunition and no reload time. Every week, a new batch of players will be chosen, so you never know if you’re going to get the rifle. When you get it though, you have it for keeps until the next group of rifle totingĀ 

Starting May 26, another new bit of content will surface for Metal Gear Online: a new Patriot feature. This new content will give a handful of randomly chosen players access to a 5.56mm Hand Rifle with infinite ammunition and no reload. New players will be chosen every week. Players will have access to the Patriot features until the next batch of players is chosen. This way, you never no if you’re going to be the lucky one.

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