Leaked Footage of Half-Life 2 Played on Project Natal

Someone secretly leaked out a clip of Microsoft’s upcoming system ‘Project Natal’ playing ‘Half-Life 2’. This is most likely early footage of the beta testing for a FPS game on the Natal and of course, there is no confirmed source where the video came from so take it as you like (most likely will get you fired if you come out).

While the video is kind of blurry for the screen you can tell that the guy can move the characters just by the wave of his hands and pick up objects as you would mime it out. I can definitely see the potential the ‘Natal’ has. However, it will be a long while till this system is released to the public.

Check out the video after the jump.

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18 Responses to “Leaked Footage of Half-Life 2 Played on Project Natal”
  1. nutbear96 says:

    NO! This is somehow who has a really sensetive mouse recording footage of HL2 and showing it on a Projector. A camera at the front in a dimly lit room makes it looks like its Nata. And this stupid person is making a twat of himself! Who would want to do that when they are playing the next COD game? And why would Valve, the mature PC game developer invest, in such a retarded idea! You know Wii? You know Eyetoy? And you know a Microsoft label? Put them all together and what do you have? Natal! And why a developers risking in this! Every FPS game on the Wii has flopped! And so will this! But because Xbox Live is so full of 10 year olds it will sell well! And because it is soooooooo hyped up it will also get good reviews!

  2. cosie says:

    i second that! NERD!

  3. Kuba says:

    Im commenting from my itouch and it's really cool. Natal is going to be so cool but I'm not going to buy it because it's going to be like 300 bucks. Fuck that!

  4. xino says:

    only an @sshole will believe this is legit.

    This is clearly fake, I mean seriously…leaked:/

    Deemed lit room, we can't see the actual look of project natal's hardware. Hand gestures are slower than what moves on screen. Why is the damn camera so far to the left? Stupid how you can use both hand gestures to pick up a gnome and drop it at a teleport thing, and how we don't see his other hand gesture make Gordon Freeman walk.

    Please stop with these retarded fake videos:/

  5. Deezl says:

    Sorry if natal was able to do that I still would not have the kind of room to play in. I still would prefer to play a game with a controller. If this is the future then my time as a videogamer is pretty much done.

  6. mark says:

    it has to be fake lol he is walking with a hand gesture lol he isnt even moving his other hand so how is he walking 😛 his hand even does a gesture in the oppisote dirrection a few times while the came goes the other way.

  7. Ray says:

    You know as skeptical as I am that Natal will work well, I just hope either it or Sonys' wands work better than the Wii. I have played tons of games on the Wii and while it does have some fun games (Zelda, New Super Mario Bros., Mario Kart, Resort) the motion sensing in it is crap even with the motion plus. It makes me sad to think of how well Nintendo is doing with such an PoS.

  8. Edito says:

    So guys do u really think Natal will be good for games lol i think its a good piece of Tech but thats all imagine playing a fight game a FPS game or a RPG game without control damn this will sucks and probably will have some kind of RROD…

  9. GamesPlayer says:

    fake. lmao.

  10. Amanda says:

    This looks AWESOME!!!

  11. Vigeoman says:

    Yup this is how i definetly want to spend the rest of my life playing video games.

    Waving my arms around in the air like a total dumbass

  12. zizz says:

    relax already. people are just experimenting. Natal will be so awesome, just not in the way people are thinking right now. it's a horrible FPS interface, but it's an amazing interface for whole new genres of games you're too busy whining to imagine.

  13. Anti Noobs says:

    Some of yall should keep your mouths shut, really a bunch of noobs, already talking bad about Natal without seen some real footage. Natal will do good and maybe even better than the wii stick.

  14. Madge Nelson says:

    @ nutbear96

    You clearly don't understand the technology behind Natal, eye toy and wii with a Microsoft badge my ass.

    do some research, learn about your subject before you go making stupid comments such as yours as it only proves your actually an idiot and you clearly don't know and/or understand anything about the subject your so highly critical about.

    As soon as the general public get too see more of natal in its current or near final form your all going to piss your pants with excitement, but hey, what do I know 😉

    This video is fake, that's guaranteed but of course I am just "some guy" from the internet so its understandable if some of you if not all of you don't believe me, but yes, this is fake, trust me 😉