LocoRoco Midnight Carnival Will Be Available in Japan Soon


Remember LocoRoco, the fun game with blobs that sing with children voices (which I had to mute while playing on the train) on the PSP. IGN reported that LocoRoco Carnival Midnight will be available for download on the PSP on November 1st in Japan.

Midnight Carnival keeps the basics of the LocoRoco play experience in place, but offers players super difficult stages with an emphasis on action. To deal with the challenges, you’ll have to make use of a new “Boing” move. We’re not sure at present what this move does, but it does seem to help you move through the stages when simple L and R rotations aren’t enough.

No word yet whether it will be available in the States, but you can bet that it will most likely be. LocoRoco is one of the few games I’m really looking forward on the PSP. Although, the Playstation version was good I personally feel LocoRoco is meant to be on the Portable console.


Check out one of my favorite songs in LocoRoco with LYRICS!!

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