Mass Effect 3 will support gay romance

Executive Producer Casey Hudson has tweeted that the final episode in the Mass Effect trilogy will allow a male Shepard to become intimate with another male.

Mass Effect 3 will “support wider options for love interests incl. same-sex for m&f chars, reactive to how you interact w/them in-game.” The omission of a gay relationship would be difficult considering the events of BioWare’s Dragon Age series in which they allowed the players to define their own sexual preferences for their characters.

Although Hudson never directly implied a gay relationship will be applied to Shepard, it would be interesting to see how BioWare would incorporate the story with Shepard. Will Shepard go on a special trip with his crew and have some awkward conversion, or does the future hold something different that our current millennium is not entirely comfortable with? If alien sex is ok, shouldn’t gay sex be more of the norm in the future?

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5 Responses to “Mass Effect 3 will support gay romance”
  1. Garrus Fan girl says:

    Better not be a gay garrus I will be so Pissed Off with bio ware if a character suddenly becomes gay as garrus imply s in mass effect 2 hes had relations with a female and I will be so angery with Bioware if they suddenly change his back whole image just to give this slash people their high !!!!

    Keep the characters the sexual ordination they where suddenly turning someone like garrus gay would destroy his cool

  2. nah says:

    I agree with both of you in that if they "Just turned Garrus gay", I think it would ruin the storyline for me. If, however they phrased it in such a way that it simply wouldn't interfere, or would make sense – such as Garrus not minding the physiology of a human male, as it's more alike to his female's (No breasts, apparently).

    Being a gay male myself, I would very much like to see this romance occur, but not in such a way that it doesn't disrupt the great flow and storyline of the game.

    After all, how does one predict what an alien might find attractive, physiologically speaking? Males have much more supportive waists, after all. :)

  3. swag says:

    I'd get gay with Garrus…

    I feel like he wouldn't be down though. I wanna see how Bioware handles this. At least an acknowledgment, like, say if you could try but he'd turn you down. I feel like you'd just make him really uncomfortable, but that would be hilarious, so I suppose I'd be alright with that.