Max Payne 3 Details – High Res Scans

Max payne has changed quite a bit since the last sequel back in 2003. The new issue of Game Informer has 10 pages of details on the hot upcoming sequel, some things of interest are listed below:

  • In addition to being bald and bearded, Max is addicted to pain killers.
  • That pain killer addiction will affect gameplay.
  • The game is set in Sao Paolo, Brazil, with battles in “urban ghetto” locales.
  • “Fully destructible environments” and a cover system are in.
  • There will also be some “day and night cycles.”
  • Bullet Time is now “more visceral and ultra-violent.”
  • Online multiplayer is in, but no details.
  • Powered by Rockstar’s RAGE technology (seen in Grand Theft Auto 4)
  • Release is set for winter of 2009 for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

Check out the scans below for story and more details.






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74 Responses to “Max Payne 3 Details – High Res Scans”
  1. sneakyness says:

    This looks so good.

  2. TheKILLERofcia says:

    Looks 10/10

  3. Hemal Shah says:

    Eagerly waiting for this game to come in India soon! loved playing it in its ealier version! this one seems attractive.

  4. looks impressive!

  5. Hinchable says:

    Looks like they stole the game's plot from the movie "Man On Fire". Can't say I'm unhappy though, its a great movie, and a move in Neo-Noir for Max Payne.

  6. mona is brazilian says:

    lolol the movies wont copy this 😀

  7. GioFace says:

    what the fuck? i was pumped for this but this just looks like splinter cell : double agent. why the fuck did they have to make max bald and bearded? every time i see him, i'll immediately think sam fisher instead of max payne, and that disappoints me

  8. enoteware says:

    What happened to his hair?

  9. xmido says:

    i cant wait for this game. but why does he look like sam fisher?

  10. Anonymous says:

    If you're mad now, just wait until you hear Max's new higher pitched voice and inability to move in slow motion.

    Hope this game doesn't suck

  11. yojan says:

    Ok how did Max payne lose his hair??..some drug overdose?? and where is his signature long black coat?? and what is up with the comic style cutscene?? It looks nothing like the original Max Payne rather looks like some Marvel comic dude….. many disappointments already..

  12. Ayan Das says:

    the gameplay, no doubt, owing to the nu age gaming generation, will be good… but seeing these scans, I feel the game might lose out on its intellectual appeal and fan base! I completely agree with bob sacamano up there. character development has got the back-seat, and if these major changes in max himself are part of the development, its nothing but retarded.

    *thumbs down*

  13. Joe SMith says:

    So does anyone else think that he looks a bit too much like Jeff Bridges as Obadiah Stane from Iron Man? The top left pic in the second scan really gives it away.

  14. BrandoRex says:

    Looks like fuckin John McClane from Die Hard with a beard. Woohoo!

  15. rICHARD says:

    couldn't they have at least made him look a little like Max?

  16. Qwerty says:

    Looks like fuckin John McClane from Die Hard with a beard. Woohoo!!

  17. Stevem says:

    I'm shaking my head right now. I fought skeptics and cynics about the production of this game.

    But the art style is all wrong. It is bright and crisp instead of the dark hazy color screens of the REAL Max Paynes. It's not only the baldness and beard that makes Max look different. Max is now a bulky slobby redneck instead of a skinny suave city slicker. There is no Sam Lake nor James McCaffrey involvement.

    The mechanics and look of the game. It doesn't look anything like the previous ones. It doesn't look like it has been based on them. It looks more like a rip off from the Uncharted series and RE5. The look and plot has been stolen from Man on Fire and John McClane from Live Free or Die Hard.

    The screenshots came straight from a Michael Mann movie instead of a John Woo one.

    When making a sequel, take note of the themes of the previous installments. Know the audience and know the game. Don't emulate another story that is coexistent from the one you are working on. When I'm watching a Godfather movie, I'm not looking for Scarface.

    The game looks like it could be good. But call it something else.

  18. payne_in_ezz says:

    it looks pretty chilly for winter… i just hope it's not that kinda lame like GTA IV because of so much compability issues…

    but wait!

    it looked much relevant to a movie called "The Condemned"… just the looks… not the story…

  19. Ayan Das says:

    @ Stevem : "When I’m watching a Godfather movie, I’m not looking for Scarface."

    You just said it all, Man!!! I couldn't agree more.!

  20. Ironside says:

    Agree with stevem. I have a horrible feeling that rockstar will just take it down a gtaIV path crossed with something like Crysis. This is probably one of the few games that is better suited to linear gameplay. And its a shame to have lost that film-noir look – it's a style thats so rare but they executed it so well with the storyline.

  21. Jay_cee says:

    he does look like sam fisher or whatever, the plot seems fishy, whats up with the hair, umm…..this is as upsetting as donnie darko 2- "S.Darko" not suppose to happen, but in MP3 yea, not the jungle.

  22. zarora says:

    it seem totally different than max payne 1 and 2………. hope it give us fun but dont think so

  23. leezy says:

    ffs guys you are all idiots….max payne 1 character looks different to the max payne 2 character they arnt the same….this looks ace why the fuck are you saying he looks like sam fisher ??? no he dont jus coz hes bald ? sam fisher dont have no beard….and guys people do lose there hair as they get older ffs…ur all doom mongers….ITS LOOKS NOTHIN LIEK THE ORIGINAL MAX PAYNE ??? ALL MAX PAYNES WERE DONE IN LIKE A COMIC BOOK FORMAT YOU RETARD

  24. andrew says:

    looks meh for sure, Truth be told i could almost handle it until…no james mccafery i literally tossed down the Game Informer. The setting and his bald bummery have started to grate on me as well…but god damn Alan Wake showed so phenomenally!

  25. Jeff says:

    So um, normally I'm outraged when a character is COMPLETELY different in a sequel. No matter how good it does look, this is no exception. The movie wasn't great, now this.

  26. Ali Shakeel Mir says:

    Hi There,

    well, i am expecting this time better Max Payne as compare to last time, the first part was awesome, the second was not on my expectations! so far the looks of the game seems to be like transporter game, as i read about the plot of the story on wikipedia. so best of luck Max Payne 3, and i ask to the developers of the game to make the sequel continue and make it 4, 5…

    Ali Shakeel Mir

  27. mmth says:

    :((( ?'am unhappy remedy f**k this max payne character :((

  28. Fadi says:

    COME ON GUYS he is now very old , his face has to change ,it's not typically

    max's face but he has to lose his hair, as for the location , the story tells

    that he wanted to escape from new york memories, this GAME IS GOING TO ROCK

  29. Jerry says:

    I loved this game, "bullet time" was the first time I had seen an advanced but realiistic component from real life combat. I have only experienced going into the "zone" a few time in my 30 years of melee fighting. So seeing this in the game way back in the day gave me hope they would put this in sword and shield fighting games as well someday.

    All this is just to say I feel a connection to the game beyond it just being a cool game. I am sad by the fact that so many changes were made so fast to the original game design. I

    I like using the "if you saw this in a movie" test for games. If they took James Bond and did such a drastic sudden change (like maybe a sex change because his identity is now to well know and a man) I do not think it would go over well with critics and fans no mater how good the movie was in the end.

    Even if the 007 love scenes might be more interesting.

  30. Jasper says:

    It's like they took the thing I loved most when I was a child, and just raped it. They raped the atmosphere, Max Payne's coolness and pretty much everything that is Max Payne. It honoustly looks like a good game, but it does not look at all like Max Payne. As for the story, he got old and moved to Brazil to get away from what happened in New York…. that's just lame. They just wanted 'this game' to sell good so they called it a sequel to the greatness of Max Payne and made up some lame excuse why the man we can play with in 'this game' can possibly be Max Payne. They raped Max Payne even harder than Wahlberg did.

  31. Raphael says:

    I dont think it was such a big mistake (Changing Max Payne's atmosphere, and for that matter, Max Payne Himself). I think the game needs a bit of change, and it's about time he got out of new york. I mean, what could the story (or what could he be killing for) this time if he's still in new york? He got what he wanted, he got his revenge, killed a lot of goons that deserved it (It's just too bad Mona died in one ending). And I agree with what DankJemo said. How could he possibly get away with murder now, being a detective or a cop? What I do want (Or rather what I DEMAND) is that this game has got to have a good explanation of what happened in the 12 years of his "downward-spiral". Like, have a prologue level, just right after the events on the manor, then cutscenes or the graphic novels. I just dont think "to get away from his demons" would be enough to send him to brazil. As for gameplay, I dont have any doubt this would be amazing. Max Payne 2's gameplay was phenomenal for me and fusing it with GTAIV would be priceless. The environment is okay, not that super impressive piss your pants environment. But I wish there would be other ones, not just the favela or w/e.

    Bottom line, this game MUST have a unique and gripping story. I dont want it to be grindhouse or the "condemned" kill-everyone-in-sight crap.

  32. Baramos says:

    Hey, Rockstar.

    Max Payne is not Jack Bauer.

    This "total badass" thing is idiotic.

    Quit ruining Max Payne. This looks almost as bad an idea as the atrocious movie.

    But. You know. It might end up with Inner Circle commandos and a battle in a stately South American hacienda by the end. But probably not.

  33. Baramos says:

    Also they didn't even get James McCaffrey to do Max's voice? FYI Rockstar the monologues aren't going to be the same WITH A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT DUDE DOING THEM.

  34. Jeff says:

    It might be better than I’m thinking… but it just seems like the gaming industry has the same disease as Hollywood. Take an old idea, put a new spin on it, making it more X-TREME! and expect everyone to love it. I don’t think the character looks like Max Payne, nor a character I’d root for. But maybe I’m just being superficial.

  35. Ca9ine says:

    Looks like this is inspired by the Denzel Washington movie “Man on Fire”
    Security, the client goes missing/is threatened and he loses it, tracking down the baddies.

    It might get interesting.

  36. Gognitti says:


    I see where they're coming from- it's a new thing with developers these days, to explore from familiar American shores, take a dip into the third world for an exotic locale while at the same time getting a bit of critical kudos for touching on modern issues. Sao Paulo is a pretty cool place, and hey, more exposure for the twitch n shoot teenagers (Even if it's down the sights of a gun) to a different culture is always good, right?

    Except that they decided to do this with Max Payne.

    Firstly- Max Payne was set up as a noir hero, and really, his arc should have finished by now. In my humble opinion, Max Payne 1 was a good ending point, but Max Payne 2 had enough features to stymie my critical snark. Sending Max to freaking Sao Paulo is like shoving a ham into a loaf of bread. How does this make sense? How does this keep with his character? The admirable feature of Max's was that he didn't bend nor compromise despite all the insanity thrown at him. Now, he's left New York and is working as a private security guard? What? How do you justify Max divorcing himself from the city he loves, and the job he's married to other than "drugs lol" then? And I thought Max going back to becoming a beat cop in the second one was jarring.

    The above can be addressed with some plot spackle, but the second can of worms is a little trickier. Namely, the precedent is that Max Payne finds criminals and shoots them to make things better. When Max does this in Sao Paulo, it's going to smack a little of "White guy Americans can fix everything with bullets and FREEDOM" which has all kinds of oogy connotations that Max shouldn't get plastered with.

    I can't help but hold some hope, but the radical character redesign, the feeling that Sao Paulo was chosen in the most shallow way, and the history of Rockstar's other notable attempts at narrative leaves me less than optimistic.

    Also, dual wielding desert eagles as the flagship art? Are you fucking kidding?

  37. rico muerte says:

    I Like It and I dont, so yehhhhhhhhh..noooo… It'll be good Rockstar know whwat theyre doin. Dont agree with the no James McCaffrey situation he IS Max Payne, Its Like Kevin Bacon in Condemned 2 Bloodshot ;D

  38. Colin says:

    he looks like Sam Fisher in Splinter cell Double agent.

  39. TigerNightmare says:

    Wow, the naysayers are quick to express their prejudgemental doubts. I'm weary about all the changes myself, but, come on, at least give the game a chance before you say it's crap.

    Me, I wish Sam Lake was heavily involved in the game, but people move on. Tim Schafer didn't contribute anything to the new Monkey Island, but that doesn't mean it won't be awesome.

    About the new location: on one hand, it could be called laziness that they couldn't find or even make up new ideas for New York, but on the other hand, there's absolutely nothing left for Max there. Even an in-game cutscene shows how everything left of Max's life was destroyed.

    About the story: the end of Max Payne 2 had Max find peace, Mona's final gift. And yet, in the alternate non-canon ending, Max speaks of Mona as something to live for. So, without Mona, what does he have to live for? I'm hopeful that Rockstar will give us a decent story that will justify bringing Max back. They seem to be very detail-oriented about everything, so I'm not worried.

    About Max's new look: I also thought of John McClane in Die Hard 4. I thought, how is he gonna move so fast with that bulk to carry around? Of course, most of that is muscle. And if you recall, Vlad shot Max in the fucking face and had a bloody bandage taped to his temple for the last part of the Max Payne 2. The scar is there and that detail shouldn't be forgotten. And he won't be winning any beauty contests with that, and so, part of the downward spiral, I get it. I'm at peace with the new look. Except, who would shave their scalp but not their beard? That's a deliberate fashion statement. My theory is that he wants to look scary.

    Finally, gameplay: this is what we ALL should be looking forward to. Rag doll physics is neat when you kill someone with a pair of 9mm Berettas, but, when I blow someone up with a grenade, I want them to fucking blow up, not get spun and thrown through the air. The gameplay will be awesome, no doubt about it. The question is whether or not it will live up to the name Max Payne or if it should've been a new standalone franchise. Unless it gets low marks all around, I'm getting the game no matter what.

  40. Prof says:

    This game looks so good graphic wise, but I just have the feeling that Rockstar has absolutely no idea what Max Payne was all about. Even after the credits it says, " Max's journey through the night will continue". But now there Max is 12 years older, bald with a new voice actor, looks bad ass and fights in a tropical environment with many more uncharismatic villains.

    They could have at least stuck with the night. I have nothing against the new game but changing almost everything from the past games is not the way to go on with the series. I just hope at some point in the game, Max will become the old Max. So I still have great hopes for this game.

  41. dbain21 says:

    ya i agree with tiger nightmare…we should all be looking foward to the gameplay of this game which to this point looks to be very solid.

    i dont know about anyone else but im just happy to see that they are putting some real good effort into this new insallment in the series…i could just see a terrible max payne sequel about 2 years after max payne 2 came out… but it looks like that wont be happening for the most part

    also they mentioned in the above article that their are plenty of suprises and things that they havent even told us about so who knows if max will even look like that for the whole game or even be in sao paolo for the whole game

    lastly no one should even be really analyzing the game 5 months before it comes out, once we've all played the game then we can make up our minds

  42. Evgeny says:

    Guys,i dont know about u, but im a bif fan of Max Payne,infact it was the first game ive played on PC. I loved the story, the music, the comic like conversations that they had, and know looking at this bullsh*t and seeing what theyve done to y favourite game makes me puke. How can they even call it max payne? Max payne is a guy whos family has been murdered so he decided to kill the murederes , but who DA FUCK IS THIS PRIKC?

    Congradulations u guys theyve just ruined mine and bosibly urs too favorite game

  43. Matt Pavlenko says:

    I live on sao paulo(brazil), and i am very disapointed with this game,showing only the bad side of us.

    we have poor places, but alot of good I SAY ALOT,

    here on brazil its not like africa ok?!

    the people need to know

    calling brazil exotic country??

    we have good nature wealthy

    But we have good cities

    Brazil is boring?(the people say alot of shit sorry)

    in some places we have some big drug dealers and i am happy to see they dying

    sorry about this comment

    But before say something about us GET INFORMED

  44. Matt Pavlenko says:

    But i have to say

    they probaly ruined the game

  45. Nick says:

    They should have not named it Max Payne, they should have called it a different game, because the audience of the previous installments will generally not like this one. Most of those people liked the game because of the rich and wonderful story and theme. Those things are gone now. It should have had a different name.

  46. Drew says:

    Jesus Christ! They fucking managed to ruin a perfect game! How in the world does this "adventure" holds any ground with the initial story? Are they fucking serious? Max is going to Brazil to fight the "root of all evil" ?! What the FUCK ?! The initial game was a noir gem! Why on earth would you change the hole fucking idea? IT supposed to play in the city. IT supposed to be dark. IT supposed to portray Max as the SANE guy who fucking reveals an ultra high ground conspiracy. Going to Brazil to fuck the whole roots of drug mafia? ARE THEY INSANE? ARE THEY SO FUCKING CLUELESS? If I wanted to play a B game with a shit fuck story like that I wouldn't have fucking DREAM to look at Max Payne.

    Who the fuck are the guys who wrote the script? Did Sam Lake agreed with this shit? Where the fuck are the CREATIVE guys?

    How could they do this to the perfect game that Max Payne was…

  47. D347H says:

    It should be called Grand Theft Auto Brazilian Chaos, or Grand Theft Auto – We Ran Out of Idea's, so we're going to ruin another game title lol

  48. crazy says:


  49. nauman says:

    PLease game-makers, listen to me !!!

    MAX Payne was the game of a skinny tall man in awesome dark long coat, an insane running (chasing or getting chaed GOD KNOWS!!) around city , dreaming , walking, dreamwalking…

    but the promo pics suggest its completey different. sm might love it, but HARD CORE MAX PAYNE lovers like me cant, cause like MAX, we too are addiccted to his darkness, his pains, his snow nights, his lost love, his chase..

    not the hot morning terrorist he seems killing in the sun!!! no no sun please!

    we want long coats !!I want his GODDMANED TALL aweosme longcoat look back!!! please!!! even if u wanna torture us with sun, atleast wear me that long coat and instill some pains!

  50. Heat says:

    Hey Guys,

    i have played both Max Payne games and when some body talks about Max Payne wat comes 2 mind is a man who is a cop not some security dude,

    a long coat, dreaming daydreaming takin painkillers n upset about his wife's n kid's death.

    u kno when we played the 1st game it was a new idea so we loved it n then the 2nd one of course we expected it 2 be in the mood, so when a 3rd one comes out us fans since 2003 should find the story of the game n main character based upon the same features of the previous once.

    BUT u neva kno it might return through out da game 2 da previous once

    through a twist in da story u neva kno

    i think we should wait 4 da game n den talk.