Milo is Getting Canceled?

We have some bad news for all Kinect fans out there. As you know, Microsoft and Peter Molyneux have been working on something special for the last few years called Milo. Also, Milo was one of the first demos for Kinect that was shown so many times and according to the latest rumors it seems that Milo is canceled.

As you remember, Milo the first demo that was shown for Kinect and the great thing about Milo was his ability to learn things and actually talk to you. This was the first time that a computer character could actually recognize the person that is playing the game and talk to it. Yeah, Milo was almost like a real person, maybe a bit too real for us. According to the rumor, the project is canceled and the team is actually focusing on a Fable game that will be optimized for Kinect. It seems that this new Fable game will use the similar technology that Milo used but so far it is just another rumor and we can only imagine how this Fable game would look if we ever see it. It seems that teams are focusing on Fable series, and as for Milo, there has not been any information about its cancelation from Microsoft so all this remains just a rumor.

One question remains, would you actually miss Milo? Sure, it might have been a revolutionary demo, but you cannot call it a game, can you? Anyway, we are waiting for updates from Microsoft about this rumor.


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