MK3 Film In Progress: Prospective Release 2013

The late 80s and early 90s marked the beginnings of video game adaptation films which were very much removed both in story, appearance and atmosphere. This trend in film adaptation would die down for a while and finally receive a comeback in the more recent years with feature films such as Resident Evil, Dead or Alive, Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li, etc. However, the quality of these films never seemed to turn up for the better and often end up receiving less than favorable responses from game fans, critics or new to the franchise watchers. One would think after all the film adaptation failures and repeated mistakes, they would learn. The reverse seems to hold true.

From MK: Liu Kang faces Sub-Zero

With all that, the first film adaptation of the video game franchise, simply titled as ‘Mortal Kombat’ would turn up pretty good despite it’s obvious limitations and compromises on character appearance accuracy. The atmosphere was quite spot on and the plot still held true to the actual story. Changes that were made were still within reason and quite believable. But more or less, it was a balance of story and action which was easy to follow and understand. It was truly a film for both the new and returning fans of the franchise. No kidding as it turned out to be quite successful in the box office and as such paved way to prequel series and it’s less successful sequel, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. The latter was not as successful owing to it’s messy plot and lack of character which made it nothing more than simply fight eyecandy on the silver screen.

From MK: Annihilation Ermac, Sindel and Rain pose for the camera. Hahaha

Plans towards making a sequel for Annihilation were in the works but never realized. Initial information on the project was last published and updated online during 2004.  MK: Devastation is meant to be a reboot of the film adaptations. It will make references to the first film and ignore the events of the second. The window of opportunity for anything solid finally taking place happened almost a decade since last 2005 but was met with delay once again due to the occurrence of Hurricane Katrina. Filming was already started with majority of the cast of the previous films reprising their roles. The third film’s development was filled with many stumbling blocks in the form of changes in the plot and script writers which effectively stalled the making of the film.

Originally slated for 2011 release, the film’s release just might be pushed back again by two more years and might be due this 2013. This sequel will be entitled as ‘Mortal Kombat: Devastation’ with Christopher Morrison as director and possibly Oren Uziel as a possible script writer. The film will be under Warner Bros, also the company working on Kevin Tanchoreon’s MK: Rebirth. These two films are not related by any means.

So far, it’s been much talk and rumors for this one so it’s a wait and see thing for us fans. Hopefully this film will have learned from the mistakes of it’s predecessors and  finally give us both gaming and MMA fans what we deserve.

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