MK9 Producer Tweets About Possible DLC

As you can tell, I’m an absolute fan of following the twitter accounts of my favorite gaming producers. With the hype on MK, it comes as no surprise that I would somehow find my way into Ed Boon’s twitter and follow it. The man’s quite an interesting fellow with a good sense of humor and interacts with fans whenever. If you have a twitter account and wish to be updated every now and then of what’s up for MK and/or how he’s doing, do follow his twitter.

Ed Boon’s twitter account:

This is his personal twitter account folks. Not the official MK twitter accounts. If you simply wish to receive updates on JUST the game/company, follow this accounts instead:

Mortal Kombat twitter:

Now onto the juice of this article. That’s what you’re here for anyway.

Apparently, Mr. Boon posted a twitter for his followers to reply to on the matter of ‘possible DLC’ characters. Here is the twitter post in question:

I personally find this tweet definitely something as they are definitely holding up to their claim for being aggressive about DLC characters for their upcoming MK9. I suppose this is proof as such. I do hope it’s available for both Xbox360 and PS3 so nobody gets excluded.

To remind you guys of these characters in question, or for those who simply haven’t been into the series as much and find them to be ‘Greek’ then allow me to refresh/inform you guys who Rain, Shinnok, Kenshi, Robo-Smoke is.

Rain was first introduced in MK3 as a traitor to Edenia, who chose to side with Shao Kahn than to defend his home land. He shared some affiliation with the reigning Princess Kitana however this was never brought to light and remains blurry. What this affiliation is… Only they know I suppose. At some point, he discovers that he is not his father’s son but the son of a greater man, no less the descendant of the protector god of Edenia, Argus. However it seems that despite such acclaimed ancestry, this would not change Rain’s personality or motives for the better.

Shinnok was first introduced in Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero as a fallen elder god with a motive for vengeance and a megalomaniac tendency. Apparently, this elder god desired to rule over the Earthrealm for his own ulterior motives. To do this, he created an amulet to create an opening for him so he could do just that. However he was found out in time and was defeated by Raiden, with the aid of the other Elder Gods, and banished. Of course, his story doesn’t end there since he ultimately found a way out of his exile and is back to take what he believes is his.

Robo-smoke on the other hand, is the robot version of the Lin Kuei ninja Smoke. He first appeared in MK2 as a hidden character who was seen peeking from the trees in the Living Forest with Jade. Later on, we would finally learn of his story in MK3 , as one of the cyborg ninja of the Lin Kuei in an attempt to step up and increase the capacity for power and violence amongst their top warriors. Unlike Sektor and Cyrax, Smoke refused to have the modification on himself and fled the clan with his best friend, the younger Sub-Zero. However, Smoke was not so lucky to have gotten away, still human and was turned into a cyborg against his will. To make matters worse for him, he was able to retain his humanity while fully mechanized and was tormented by his situation.

Kenshi would be a character who lived up to the Japanese stock character of the sensory deprived yet amazingly talented swordsman, usually blind. He first appeared in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. Like any talented warrior of his calibre, he also had the desire to find a worthy challenge. While in wait, he was then tempted into acquiring a great weapon in preparation for such challenge, by traveling into this tomb where a sword laid in wait. However, it turned out to be a trick as the sorcerer who led him there had no intention in aiding Kenshi and was simply using him to locate and open the tomb for him. Though, the swordsman acquired the sword which lived up to the story as a powerful weapon, he did so at the cost of his sense of sight and the loss of the souls of those who rested at the said tomb. Kenshi would carry the burden of guilt throughout his life knowing that he did not only aid the treacherous sorcerer, who turns out to be none other than Shang Tsung, but betrayed his ancestors (the souls resting at the pillaged tomb) to evil. He has then made it a personal mission to rectify his errors and get back at Shang.

A new character? Sounds fun. I hope they manage to work in something interesting for that one though. I’d love to see someone new and brutal for that one. New blood that will definitely make an impact sort of new character. The cast is already huge and we’ve seemingly managed to see everything so if they make a new character, it better be good. Or maybe to enrich someone’s plot hole? Perhaps. Let’s just wait and see.

Currently, Ed Boon is still asking for feedback on the matter and reading people’s responses on the matter. So if you want to be heard on the matter, do follow and respond to the above tweet so he can hear you out in the matter.

Who do you want to see available on MK9? Make your voices heard and tweet on!

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  1. julio says:

    kenshi and rain and freddy and skarlet, who else?